Dean/Selectmen Transcript
November 6, 2006

STEVE DEAN: I understand you are going to be appointed or are appointed the Town Administrator?


DEAN: Okay. How can an interim Town Administrator be the Town Administrator and have a law suit against the town?

[Dean lets that sink in, and then soldiers on.]

DEAN: Am I correct in assuming you have a law suit against the town?

PAUL PARKER: Let's clarify this. This suit is not a typical lawsuit in the [way] most people think about [a lawsuit]. It is simply a question to the Superior Court on the events that happened [i.e.] whether or not the framework that was adopted by the ZBA and accepted was correct. . . . And it is the only way you can get answers from the "legals"—judges, legislation, or whatever—on any innovative land-use uses that come up.

[Paul Parker is choosing his words carefully: what he does not come right out and say is that in most people's minds, a "typical" lawsuit is one that involves the appellants looking to gain financially from the lawsuit. The Russells, Paula and Paul are not looking for money. Dean, who in all probability hasn't even read the suit, isn't finished yet, and comes back with sarcasm.]

DEAN: It's not a lawsuit—

PARKER: You know, this is getting very tiresome . . .

DEAN: No it's not, because some of this has to be straightened out.

JERRY McCARTHY: We got a lot of business to take care of, so let's answer this. The law suit is in the Supreme Court. It's going no farther. That's the end of it. They [Paula and Paul] have no input in it. Nothing else. We just want to get the results from the Supreme Court. We don't have a Town Administrator right now. We need one, budget season is coming up. Paula is, as Joan did last year, acting as Town Administrator. She's done an excellent job. I'm happy with her, it's a good favor to me because I'm working with the budget committee. So that lawsuit is done. It's over.


DEAN: Is it costing the town any more?

JERRY: I don't believe so.

DEAN: Then I have the right to reserve comment till we hear [from the Supreme Court]?

[Next there's a juicy bit of entertaining mental mud-wrestling between Steve and Jerry, during which the two are talking at once. Jerry immediately tells Steve of course he has the right to reserve comment.]

JERRY: You have a right to comment about anything, anytime, anywhere. Such as I do or anyone else does.

DEAN (flummoxed, muttering): You're not answering my question. You're talking over me.

JERRY: Huh? Well, I'm sorry, Stevie. I didn't talk over you, I answered you. You asked me if you had the right to speak and I answered you. So I didn't talk over you, I answered you.