Lexicon of Acronyms

BHBlack Hat
BSBoard of Selectmen
CEOCode Enforcement Officer
CCConservation Commission
CCCCounter-Corruption Corps (that's us)
CCCCivilian Conservation Corps (that's not us)
CIPCapital Improvement Plan
CIPCCapital Improvement Plan Committee
D&BCDowntown and Business Committee
DESDepartment of Environmental Services
EDCEconomic Development Committee
EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency
IGMOInterim Growth Management Ordinance
PBPlanning Board
RCResearch Committee
SCCCSummer Camp for Concerned Citizens
SWOTStrengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
TRCTechnical Review Committee
WHWhite Hat
ZAMPSZoning And Master Plan Subcommittee
ZBAZoning Board of Adjustment
ZOROZoning Ordinance Review Officials