On September 25, 2003 citizens of our town gathered for a public meeting in the old Town Hall in order to debate one more time about the Interim Growth Ordinance (IGO) we would be voting on, by ballot, at the Town Hall on September 30.

As are all meetings in our town, it was an interesting gathering. For one thing, it was televised, live, on Farmington's own cable TV channel (26). Compared to the July debates on the IGO, the September 25 meeting was a sedate affair, likely because the issue had already been pretty thoroughly aired, and the out-of-town developers who are pissed off at a town shutting them off for a year were lying low. At this point, there was no changing anyone's mind.

For the most part, those who spoke at the September 25 meeting were in favor of the IGO, though our own Wayne "Packy" Campbell delivered an entertaining ramble full of his usual hefty dose of distortions and self-righteousness.

There was an unusual politeness in the air this night. Several observed that people clapped not only for those with whom they agreed, but for those they disagreed. It was not quiet clear why they did that, but Farmington folk can always surprise you.

The meeting was moderated by Planning Board chairman Jim ("the mumbler") Horgan who briskly, if unintelligibly, moved the proceedings right along, declaring, in his take-charge fashion, that the meeting would end at 8:30.

And it did, and the people all went home.

Here are photos of some of the people at that hearing. Seated at tables in the front of the hall are members of the Planning Board and its fine ZAMPS committee, all of whom (with the lone exception of Barry Elliott, the Selectmen's emmisary to the Planning Board) gave their reasons for encouraging the voters to favor the IGO. And then we see the rest of us, listening, rapt, to what people had to say.