A June Day in Farmington

On June 21, a group of townfolk gathered together in the cafeteria of the Henry Wilson School for what was called the SWOT Summit.

There was some good-natured grumbling about spending a fine afternoon cooped up in a school cafeteria. It might have been tempting to stay home on that Saturday. After all, much of June had been cool and cloudy and drizzly, and this particular Saturday was the solstice--the longest, sweetest day of the year. As New England's very own poet, James Russell Lowell, asked, "What is so rare as a day in June?"

The purpose of the gathering was to say what we thought were Farmington's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. We broke into smaller groups around the cafeteria tables. Each of us had a workbook which had several blank pages for "Notes." Each table had a heap of Bic pens, and nearby there was a big pad of paper on an easel.

Town Administrator Ernie opened the event by striking a big gong.

After speeches by members of several Town boards, those gathered went to work, dictating to the person at each giant pad a list of strengths we all thought Farmington had. Then, list done, we each ascribed points to the things written on the pad, in order of importance. The points were tallied for "Strengths"; then we repeated the exercise for "Weaknesses" and "Opportunities" and "Threats." (The latter category was a tad vague: did the inventors of this SWOT workshop mean "threats" facing the community, or "threats" the community presented to the rest of the world? In any case, the group soldiered on.)

To keep us chugging along, Lynn had set up a Snacks Table replete with all the right things to keep us cranking: cheese and crackers, cookies, tea, lemonade, coffee, fruit, M&M's, soft drinks.

The information gathered from the townfolk at the SWOT Summit is at the town offices.

There will undoubtedly be various analyses and interpretations of the labors of the SWOT participants in the weeks to come. Watch this space for the CCC's three cents worth.

Meanwhile, here are photos of a few of the intrepid citizens who gathered together, starting with a cheery Gerry.




Left to right: Ann, Hiram, Brad, mike, Tom, Troy,
Peter, Nancy, Don, Charlie, Sharla, Brian


Patience, Matt, Kristen



Lee, Gerry

Ann, Tom, Brad, mike



Billy, Paul



Elaine, Bill



Kids playing

Child chillin'