Save Meaderboro Road!

Last week a certified letter arrived at the homes of a few residents of Farmington announcing a project (approved by the selectmen) for the widening and straightening of a small portion of Meaderboro Road. This is a project that many lifelong residents of our road are opposed to. For those of you who have never traveled Meaderboro Road, it is one of the last gravel roads left in Farmington. It is an old road with hills, pretty curves, scenic views of Blue Job mountain, and parts with no houses at all. And no stretch of road in town more typifies the rural character that residents of Farmington wish to maintain.

The project is being pushed forward by some residents of Meaderboro Road who have hidden agendas. They mistakenly feel that the value of their property will rise if the road is widened and eventually paved. Some are benefiting from the wood and fill that will be taken from each side of the road. To these residents and others who support this project, let me say that I am ashamed of you.

This project will cost the tax payers of Farmington $40,000. That's right—$40,000 of the towns road budget will go to a road that is traveled by only a small portion of the town, many of whom are happy with the road just the way it is.

I urge the town of Farmington and residents of Meaderboro Road to talk to our selectman, ask them to reconsider this project. Paul Parker, you are doing a wonderful job of protecting our town against large landfill companies. When you talk about maintaining the rural character of Farmington, you speak from your heart. I now ask you to reconsider the $40,000 widening and straightening of Meaderboro Road, for it IS our rural character.

Alicia Sprague
Meaderboro Road