Letter to the Selectmen, August 23, 2004

To the Selectmen,

A little over two weeks ago a number of residents on the Meaderboro road received registered letters from the office of the selectmen detailing a substantial amount of work that is scheduled for a small section of that road. At a meeting in this office just a few weeks ago Mr. Bernie Waugh, a published and long standing expert on dirt roads, made what I consider a number of excellent points concerning the care of such roads, all of which are completely contradicted by this letter. The letter also implies that this project would vastly improve the element of safety for the people who will travel this section of the Meaderboro Road in the future. I couldn't disagree more. I truly believe that speed will become a major factor if this project goes forward, therefore making it a much more dangerous stretch of road than it is now. Safety has never been an issue for the 21 years that I have lived on the Meaderboro road or for the 47 years my father-in-law, Larry Kelly has lived there. I feel that much of this work is completely unnecessary and the cost of such a project would better serve the taxpayers of Farmington if it were used in other capacities. I am here tonight to formally ask you to halt this project, at least until a transportation plan has been put into effect that benefits the town of Farmington as a whole.

Thank you,

Paul Sprague