FROM:Municipal Resources, Inc
Jack Dever, Interim Code Enforcement Officer
TO:Ernest Creveling, Farmington Town Administrator
DATE:March 23, 2005
RE:EQUIVISE, LLC Application to ZBA

As you know MRI Senior Consultant Jack Dever is providing interim Code Enforcement and Building Inspection services under our contract with the Town. While the Code Enforcement functions were assigned to the Town Planner subsequent to the execution of our contract, the contract between us was never modified to reflect this fact. Consequently, I think it is important for the record to clarify Jack's role (or lack thereof) in the decision chain that led to Zoning Board's action on the Equivise LLC Development proposal.

Section 1.07 of the Town of Farmington's Zoning Ordinance clearly places the responsibility for interpretation, administration, and enforcement of the ordinance with the Code Enforcement Officer. Section 1.08 requires that a Zoning Permit shall be obtained from the Code Enforcement Officer prior to the establishment of any new use other than those permitted by right in the Zoning Ordinance.

Since all decisions regarding the zoning implications of the proposed project and the issuance of a Zoning Permit were handled directly by the Town Planner in his role as the Department Head, Mr. Dever had no role in the decisions or the subsequent appeal process.

Since it seems that the project may generate a fair amount of controversy, I want to be sure that the record is clear with regard to Jack's involvement.

Cc: Farmington Board of Selectmen