FROM:Code Enforcement [CCC NOTE: Jack Dever]
TO:Board of Selectmen

Section 1.07 of the Town Of Farmingtons Zoning Ordinance clearly states that the Interpretation, Administration and Enforcement of the ordinance is the responsibility of the Code Enforcement Officer.

Section 1.08 States that a Zoning Permit shall be obtained from the Code Enforcement Officer prior to the establishment of any new use other than those permitted by right in the Zoning Ordinance. The EQUIVISE, LLC project is not allowed by right in the IB zone and therefore should have received a Zoning Permit before it was directed to the ZBA.

This memo is to inform the Board Of Selectmen that at no time was this office informed of this project or asked to issue a Zoning Permit in regards to its standing in the IB Zone which is a subversion of the ordinance. As a contractor and not a town employee I want the Board to fully understand that I bear no responsibility for this subversion and quite frankly am disappointed that it took place. I thought that my role in the administration was clear but apparently I was mistaken.