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This month's poem by Walter Wingate: "Sloe-blossom"


[Image: Live Free or Die] Jane Wingate Photography: photographs of New Hampshire, the North West, Italy, Jamaica, and other places. See a preview of Caribbean Cantata, a CD with 2640 photos of Jamaica.

Recipient of the coveted David Leary Seal of Approval!

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John's page, which he sporadically updates, has some suggestions about using e-mail, his view of the state of our planet, and other stuff that may be of interest.

e-mail: johnww@tds.net, jww@sampsonsridge.com, john.wingate@ieee.org

Note: The IEEE address is permanent, and survives ISP changes.

David Leary, Game Designer

Former Farmington resident David Leary (known around here as the kid) was the lead designer of Blade Runner, an award-winning game from Westwood Studios. He was part of the original team at Liquid Entertainment, developer of Battle Realms. He left Liquid shortly before the game shipped, and received inadequate recognition in the game credits for his design work. He then went to Ensemble Studios, where he worked on several games. Ensemble had been absorbed by the Evil Empire not long before he joined the company. Going over to the Dark Side was actually a good move personally for him, since Uncle Bill treats his employees very well. Microsoft closed Ensemble Studios in early 2009, and David and several dozen other Ensemble employees began work at a new company, Robot Entertainment. In 2014 he joined Playful Corp., and in 2019 started his own company, Scree Games.

In 2017 he was interviewed for a retrospective article about Blade Runner, twenty years after release.

If you like your interactive fiction in the traditional text-only style, check out the Adventions freeware (originally shareware), downloadable from the Interactive Fiction Archive, from David and his Adventions partner, David Baggett.

Farmington, NH, USA

Life in our town:

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