The Story of Divine Intervention

  On the night of March 11, 1945, as the aircraft carrier USS Randolph (CV-15) rode anchor at the Pacific atoll Ulithi , Max Walker was scheduled for a "midnight watch". In order to get some rest prior to the watch, Max grabbed a cot and headed to the fantail of the ship, the only place on board where a little breeze and a little cool could be had in the Pacific this time of year. As he was making his way, he happened to pass by a group of fellow sailors who were making a little music. Knowing that Max played the fiddle, they stopped him and got him to play a song with them.
  After the first song, Max laid down the fiddle and picked up his cot to continue to the fantail of the ship. The other guys begged him - "C'mon - just one more". Max said, "I can't - I have to get some sleep before I have to get up for the midnight watch". The guys were insistant, "Oh c'mon - one more won't hurt". So Max laid down the cot, picked up the fiddle and they started into the fiddle tune, "Turkey in the Straw". At 2007 Hours (8:07 PM), as they were playing, a Japanese kamakazi flew into the fantail of the Randolph - right into the area where Max was headed to get some sleep.
  Max truly believed all the rest of his life that God intervened and caused him to play that second fiddle tune. If he had not stopped to play the music with his fellow sailors, he surely would have been right where the Japanese plane flew into the ship. After the attack, which killed 25 and wounded 106, the Randolph was tied up to a repair ship, the USS Jason, for about a month to repair the damage. During this time, Max visited the repair ship many times and was fascinated with its facilities. There was a complete metal working shop where Max made a box out of solid copper to store his Bible. After the war, the box was used to store all of his paper war memorabilia - pictures, ship's newsletters, newspaper clippings, etc.