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River Pluma Madora x Wonderment 4
Camelot Vixen x Brookings 5
River Zapphire x Brookings 10
Rhythm Mirth x Wondermint  3
River Pluma Madora x Dillinger  5

Future Flushes

Supreme Clair x The famous Snickerdoodle son out of Jet Carol 2E93 with over 34,000lbs milk. Two straight generations of All-American Nominations.
Grand-dam Jades Cara 5E93 with 29,900lbs milk.

Power Surge Posy x

Power Surge out of World Record Production Cow Lost Elm Pixie 2E92 with 365d 2X 58,826lbs 5.6 3286f 3.2 1889p

Vigor Harmony x

 Full sister to the bull St. Nick in A.I
  A.I. interest on a bull from Harmony. Dam E90 with 35,000lbs.

Zeus Wish x

 A Zeus from the famous Whizbang family

River Zaphire x

Scored 2E90 with here best record being over 31,000 lbs. She also has 3 generations of excelence behind her.

Camelot Vixen x

Scored 2E90 with her best record being over 40,000 with many 30,000 lbs records in here past.  Her Grandam was a several time All American
River Madora x

Scored 2E92  and her best record is over 35,000lbs.  She is the 13th generation exellent cow in the family. 

Rythem Mirth x

Scored 4E92 with several records over 30,000.

Jade Whimsy x

Ex90 full sister to Whizbang. Hottest Cow Family in the bred.

Pronto Marilyn x

2E91 with 39,931 milk  12 generations of excellence  
1st 4yr old cow Wisconsin State Show

Pronto Zip x E90 Pronto Daugter out of a E93 dam. Several generations of VG and Excellent Cows  

Deon Julep x

 2E93 with over 38,000lbs with her dam 2E91.

TD Madora x

E90 breeds only 14th generation excellent cow with over 35,000lbs.
Jet Rinez x E90 with over 40,000lbs and several family members nominated All-American

Dominate Peek x

2E90 from 5E94 Present Family and several family members nominated

Jetway Prism x 2E91 with records over 35,000 from the 5E94 Present family and several family members nominated All-American
Monarch Pandora x VG 87 with over 36,000lbs, her dam VG88 with records of over 36,000lbs  great production farmily
Premium Dawn x

VG 88 projected over 19,000lbs. at 305 days as a 2yr old. She Honorable mention All-American Summer yearling with several generations of excellence and All-American Nomitaions. She was Reserve IntermediateChamp Wisconsin State Show.

Protype Winnie x From the famous Whizbang cow's full excellent sister.  Scored VG87 with over 24,000 as a 2 yr old. 

Agenda Sweetness x

Projected over 17,000 From several generations of Exellence. 
2nd place Sr. 2 Wisconisn State Show

Jolt Julietta x

2E90 with 30,000lbs and her dam scored 2E90

Maraduder Deouanna x

E90 projected at 29,000 as 3yr old    Reserve Senior Champion Cow Wisconsin State Show

Denver Sugar x

2E91 with over 32,000 with several generations of excellence

River Marango Scored 2E91 and her best recored is over 31,000lbs.