Below is the schedule we expect to follow for 2006. Some of the dates have not been updated to reflect the proper date for 2006. Bare with us as we update this page. We are looking forward to the parades and shows on this years schedule. We also welcome back our sponsor, Stevens Worldwide Van Lines, who has recently commissioned a full restoration of their 1880 era Owenborough Dray.


The Sanalac County Fair
Sandusky, MI
The Saginaw County Fair
Chesaning, MI
The Indiana State Fair
Indianapolis, MI
The Michigan State Fair
Detroit, MI
The Great Lakes International
Lansing, MI
The Percheron World Congress
Lexington, VA

Parade Schedule

The St. Patrick's Parade
3/19/06 - Bay City, MI
The Michigan Parade
5/13/06 - Lansing, MI
The Bavarian Parade
6/12/05 - Frankenmuth
The Cherry Festival
7/9/06 - Traverse City, MI
The Silver Bells Parade
11/18/05 - Lansing
The Pride Parade
11/19/05 - Saginaw
The Christmas Parade
11/26/05 - Toledo, OH
The Rochester Holiday Parade
12/3/06 - Rochester, MI