NEWS - What's New

Something always seems to be happening around the farm. Here is some of our recent news from 2005. We also keep a Blog called Real Horses.... Weigh a ton which is our diary of happenings on the farm and in our daily life. Nothing news worthy but it can be interesting.


December 2005

~ OATS open house ~
We had an excellent day with much support of our new program at OATS. Classes will begin after the first of the year.

~ Christmas Rides at the Zoo ~
This is it for the year. Our last event but it is a favorite one.
November 2005

~ Holiday Parades ~
Its hard to believe that this month marks a full year of working with Stevens Van Lines. The Saginaw Pride Parade, Lansing Silverbells Parade and Toledo Holiday Parade round out the years parade schedule. Time has flown by. As we close out the year of parades this month we look forward to planning another years events and being able to use the newly restored antique dray that we will have for next year.

~ Driving at OATS ~
We achieved a milestone at OATS in November. All the harness, Cart and Horse are there ready for launching this program. We ran a few trial lessons with some elderly folks who very much enjoyed riding in the cart. December 3rd will officially kick off the program with an open house.
October 2005

~ The Great Lakes Draft Horse Show ~
What an exciting month. We had an awesome showing at the Great Lakes show and even place 4th in the Best Exhibitor class. That blew us away, we never imagined that we would even place considering that over 100 farms and 900 horses were there.

~ Kealey's Luckie Lynn ~
Lynn also joined us in October. This winter we have our work cut out for us getting her and Kodi broke to harness so they will be ready for the shows in 2006. Further info on her can be found on our horses page.

~Honey Ridge Pearl ~
We welcome another mare to our herd this month. Pearl is a tall leggy 2 yr old mare who appears to have a good bit of stomp. Look for her in our show string for 2006.
September 2005
~ HPF Ontario's Kodiak ~
Kodi joins Whispering Meadows this month. We look forward to this exciting yearling gelding that was bred by John and Opal Powers at Horse Powers Farm. Thanks for selling us a good one. Look for him in 2006.
August 2005
~ We Begin Showing for Stevens Worldwide Van Lines ~
We had been participating in parades on behalf of Stevens earlier in the year. August marks the first time we will enter the show ring working for them. We are looking forward to the Saginaw County Fair, Huron County Fair and of course the Michigan State Fair. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship working for them.
May 7th, 2005
~ Thumb Draft Horse Association Wagon Train ~
What a great day spent with horses and friends. There were 15 wagons and 35 out riders on this ride. We covered 11 miles and came back to the Benners for one heck of a feast. The weather was mild and perfect for the outings.
April 5th, 2005
~ OATS Driving Program ~
OATS is a not for profit organization which provides riding and now driving therapy for handicapped children and adults. The classes for the intro to driving draft horses are nearly full and we are looking forward to getting a full blown driving horse program off the ground at the center.
March 20th, 2005
~ Stevens Worldwide Parades ~
In March we begin the first of 10 events in 2005 where we are using the horses for promotional purposes for Stevens. Events include a number of parades and wagon rides at a couple of events.
March 17th, 2005
~ Bobby Arrives ~
D & D Bobby, a 3 yr. old registered Percheron gelding, arrived on the farm today. He was purchased at the Topeka Draft Horse sale from David Bontrager. Much thanks to him for breeding and raising such a fine gelding. We look forward to putting him in harness with the boys.
Feb 22nd, 2005
~ Hank leaves for Atlanta ~
Hank, our youth cart and unicorn lead horse left today for Atlanta. He is going into service there to provide rides for handicapped children and adults. We wish him and his new owners the best in this venture. We look forward to updates and pictures of him in his new career.