Welcome to Whispering Meadows Percherons Website.

We are located in the thumb region of Michigan and have been involved with horses Team of Show Horses for over 20 years. In 1999 we became involved with Percheron draft horses. Our favorite breed of horse, the Percheron, is intelligent and has outstanding athletic ability. Percherons are also unique due to the fact that they are the only draft horse breed to have Arabian blood introduced, which refined their overall appearance. Our Percherons are hitchy show animals which are tall, leggy, refined and have a lot of animation like what you would see in a gaited horse and are commonly referred to as modern light drafts.

We have been showing at some national and local shows in our area. We are working hard at putting together a 4-up and to target more of the larger shows. We are looking forward to the 2006 show season with our 2 seasoned geldings and have a couple of young horses we are working at moving into the hitch.

Team of Show Horses In 2005 we partnered with Stevens Worldwide Vanlines to celebrate their 100th year in business. We are honored to have been a part of the activities. The horses and the Stevens lorry made appearances in parades across Michigan and even participated in the parades at the Michigan State Fair which was celebrating 150 years of fairs in Detroit. We also were able to hit a few shows under the Stevens name. We really did have a great year even if we did get a little wet at some of the parades and shows.