The 2005 show season was greatly revised and reduced from last years schedule. Changing up horses and bringing in a very young gelding made us slow down a bit. We had a great year with all our horses and look forward to the 2006 World Congress. A big thank you goes out to Stevens Van Lines, who are celebrating their 100th year in business. They have been a major supporter of our showing efforts this year. We hope for many more successful show seasons to come with them.

The Saginaw County Fair
August 1st - 6th, 2005
We hauled in the the Saginaw Fair early to setup and to participate in the Gay 90's Classes that happened early on in the week. The Gay 90's is a new class for us and we brought along our Sponsors (Stevens Van Lines) lorry. We learned a bunch about historical turnout and cant wait to participate next year.
The Huron County Fair
August 10th - 13th, 2005
We always love to go to the Huron County Fair in Bad Axe. There are so many great people that attend with both horses and as spectators. We were fortunate to have our neighbor girl, Hannah help us out with the hitching on Saturday. She helped us last year too and I cant thank her and her family enough for the support and extra hands to help get things done. We sure did have a great show this year. Our young gelding, Bobby, being Reserve Champ Gelding was thrilling. It just goes to show you that some judges like different aspects of horses. Some prefer Barney with his hot attitude and action and some prefer Bobbys stout wide body with huge feet. Lauren is continuing to hone her Showmanship skills and learned a good bit from the judge this year. He really was excellent in working with the kids as he tested their skills and knowledge.
The Michigan State Fair
August 18th - 21st, 2005
I couldn't have asked for a better showing at the Michigan State Fair. The 2nd in Mens Cart and the Unicorn class were thrilling. We were so proud of Barney, he has matured into one heck of a show horse and he really loves to be in the ring. This show was his first time in the lead of our unicorn at a show and he was smashing. Now if only I could find another Barney, or maybe 3 more! Lauren really did excellent winning her cart and team youth class. We are very proud of her as well.
The Michigan Great Lakes International
October 13th - 16th, 2005
What a great show! I managed to forget to enter the halter classes. Boy will I be reminded of that on a regular basis. I did remember to enter everything else and this year was our best placings ever. Sam Bump was able to snag a 1st place in her last year eligible as a youth driver in the Sr. Cart class. We are so proud of her and Barney. This was the last show for Doug in our show string. He went out with a bang. We will miss him very much and hope that he will be enjoyed by his new owner.