Whispering Meadows is small farm located in the lower thumb area of Michigan. Our service area is the Metro Detroit, Mid Michigan and Thumb Area. We specialize in one of a kind horse drawn transportation. Most of the horses used for carriage service are grey Percheron's which double as pleasure riding and show horses. What started out as a need for a magnificent and kind riding horse has bloomed over the years to an established Carriage Company. Percheron horses were chosen for their grace, intelligence and gentle nature. Be sure to go to our Service's page to get detailed information about the vehicles that we offer to our discriminating customers.

Our Horses are all Percheron Draft horses which originated in the Le Perch region of France. Percherons are considered one of the most stylish light draft horses due to their flashy movement and heads up attitude. Not only are they smart but they are the only breed of draft horses that carry Arabian blood which is evident by their refined head. Our Percheron horses are mostly dapple grey's but we also have a white and a black Percheron to choose from to make a statement for your event. Our horses are very well trained and are capable of working in most any environment. They have traveled all over Michigan providing carriage and wagon services for private parties and at festivals.

We are fully insured and prepared to provide our excellent references upon request. E-mail us for a copy of our contract or references.


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