Welcome to The Ohlrogge Rabbitry

Welcome to "The Ohlrogge Rabbitry." We are located in St. Nazianz, Wisconsin. We raise Tans and Holland Lops. We are a small rabbitry consisting of anywhere between 20-30 rabbits. We concentrate on good genetics and spend a lot of time working with our rabbits. We keep our numbers low in order to spend quality time with our rabbits. We started out with two Tans about four years ago. We have ventured into a few different breeds. We love our Tans and have also grown to love Hollands although it is not the easiest breed to raise.


We specialize mainly in the blacks. We have admired some of the diluted varieties but have always loved the blacks. The striking contrast of black/tan is stunning. Tans are definitely the royality of the "Fancy Breeds." We have a few does bred and are excited to see what these upcoming litters will bring us.


We have solid blacks, torts, BEW, orange, and one broken black. Currently, we have one tort doe bred. We will wait to breed more once the weather warms up a bit. All of our rabbits are housed outdoors.

Be the best you can be!!! Learn about the breed you choose.......read, talk with fellow breeders, research, etc. Check out the following links as just a start in the world of rabbits.... Enjoy!!!!

American Rabbit Tan Speciality Club

American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc.

Holland Lop Speciality Club

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