My name is Fred       Who We Are: 

If anyone really cares, we are a family of four plus two stray cats (Mo aka Muffin & DB) plus a hungry Bermuda toad who helps himself to any left over cat food (Toad) minus one dog (Twiggy)…joys of renting - the landlord made us give Twiggy away…who have been fortunate enough to be relocated to the sometimes sunny isle of Bermuda.

The players in this unfolding drama include:

Sean - our "Favorite Sean" is the youngest though no longer the shortest. He still craves pizza, cheeseburgers, recess and big waves. Sean’s favorite pastimes include sailing and golfing. He is currently enrolled as a freshman at Roger Williams University in Bristol RI.

RJ - our "Favorite RJ" is the oldest child. He still craves homemade cookies, turkey pie, any challenge and high winds. RJ enjoys sailing and skiing. He is currently enrolled in a PhD program at Roswell Park in Buffalo NY.

Mother – though now officially the shortest in the family, "Attilla the Mom" is by far the most mature of the lot. An aging child of the 60s/70s she is the tiller which guides the ship. She professes her hands are full trying to ride herd on this island (household) of misfit boys. Mother enjoys knitting and fine dining.

Dad - Luckily, this fella remains developmentally stuck somewhere between infantile and juvenile so he is really cool. Dad enjoys everything. Yeah Baby!