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The Multi-Ball measures actual pitch diamter of internal threads!

Multi-Ball Internal Thread Micrometer

Multi-Ball Internal Thread Micrometer


The Multi-Ball internal thread micrometer is a new thread measuring instrument that greatly simplifies the process of verifying the size and form of an internal thread. Small and lightweight, it is quick and easy to use, without the complexity and cost of additional components or assembly.

The Multi-Ball internal thread micrometer's patented design utilizes 3, free-floating carbide balls as contat elements with the internal thread. Since they are free-floating they will never develop flats or wear unevenly.

The patented Multi-Ball micrometer is so simple, only one moving part is all that is required to roll the three hardened ball elements into contact with the workpiece thread flanks. Since the balls are free-floating, they do not develop flats or wear unevenly. As a result of this exclusive design, only the Multi-Ball internal thread micrometer has numerous advantages over more complex gages.

Low Cost
• Cost less than any other complete thread measuring instrument
• No setup or assembly
• No special training or skills for use or calibration

Exceptional Ease of Use
• Multi-Ball micrometers are the smallest and lightest thread measuring instruments available weighing just 3-11 oz. for most sizes
• Direct reading scale indicates actual pitch diameter size in either .0001" or .002mm
• As easy to use as the traditional micrometer calipers used worldwide
• Precise measurement at any location in the thread
• Practical on the floor or in the lab
• Self-centering

Unique Features and Capabilities
• Standard configurations measure to depths twice the thread size with much deeper measurements possible
• Balls can be positioned at 180 degrees, 120 degrees, or any other position
• Friction thimble provides consistent gaging force for all users
• Stainless steel construction - heat treated for durability
• Available for nonstandard threads or custom applications

No Hidden Costs
The costs of other thread gages will continue to accumulate long after the initial purchase. They need to be disassembled and calibrated for every thread size. They are cumbersome to use because of their size and weight. They require specialized training to use and maintain. Multi-Ball has none of these hidden costs.

A solid setting ring and a hex key wrench are the only tools needed to calibrate the Multi-Ball internal thread micrometer in just a few easy steps.

Special Configurations
The Multi-Ball internal thread micrometer can be custom made for many unique and difficult applications.

Multi-Ball Internal Thread Location Gage

Multi-Ball Internal Thread Location Gage

The Multi-Ball internal thread location gage measures the location and orientation of an internal thread axis. It works by aligning itself with the theoretical pitch cylinder axis of the screw thread and provides a precision cylindrical surface that can be accurately measured by coordinate measuring machines, dial indicators, and other inspection equipment.

Maximize greater use of the specified tolerance with the accuracy of the Multi-Ball Location Gage.

An internal thread axis is defined and controlled by the imaginary pitch cylinder derived from the surface features of both thread flanks. The Multi-Ball location gage mechanically establishes the pitch cylinder axis, with greater accuracy, by aligning itself with the thread axis. This allows you to maximize greater use of specified tolerance.

The patented Multi-Ball thread location gage uses hardened balls as flank contact elements to align itself with the thread pitch cylinder axis. Once locked in position, only the balls are in contact with the workpiece, making the Multi-Ball location gage totally independent of all workpiece features except for the thread pitch cylinder.

How It Works   The Multi-Ball location gage centers itself inside two patterns of three balls spaced 120 degrees apart. The patterns are located at each end of the threaded portion of the sleeve. The balls are free to move radially and are retracted or engaged by turning the pin counterclockwise or clockwise respectively. The turning of the pin rolls the balls into contact with the workpiece thread flanks, eliminating the possibility of wearing flats on the balls. When the balls are retracted, the gage can be easily inserted or removed from the workpiece without any resistance.

Why Use Multi-Ball Location Gages?
Normally, part tolerance should be reduced by the total amount of gage and inspection process uncertainty. Since this reduction in tolerance can make manufacturing more difficult and costly, choosing gages that produce the least uncertainty can reduce overall manufacturing costs.

Location gages can induce errors if seated perpendicular to the workpiece face or by other alignment errors. If the CMM program assumes the gage axis is perpendicular to the face, additional errors are possible which further add to the total uncertainty.

Multi-Ball location gages are designed so that two points can establish the gage axis. When Multi-Ball location gages are used and the shank axis is defined by multiple point programming, the total inspection process uncertainty is reduced to the minimum.

Features of the Multi-Ball Location Gage
• Alignment accuracy is unaffected by an irregular or out-of-square workpiece face
• Only the balls contact the workpiece thread
• Does not distort the thread form
• Adjusts to holes regardless of feature size
• Designed to promote the use of “multiple point” (cylindrical) gage axis definition
• Easy installation/removal

Bonus Tolerance   When “Bonus” tolerance is specified on the drawing, you can gain significant additional tolerance under certain conditions. A Multi-Ball thread micrometer used with a Multi-Ball location gage can get you that extra tolerance.

Special Configurations   The Multi-Ball internal thread location gage can be custom made for many unique and difficult applications.

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