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Leitech MPH

Now you can effortlessly drive all of your existing thread gages with the Leitech mph. Measure THREAD DEPTH by driving the Leitech COMBI Gage with the mph. The variable torque adjustment assures proper thread gaging. Cordless, the Leitech mph is designed with the user in mind. Simply insert the member or adapter, dial in the desired torqure setting and start gaging. A functional thread size check is achieved simply by pushing and pulling on the mph - this engages the motor and guides the thread gage in and then out of the part. Because of its variable torque settings, the operator is GAGING the part - not re-tapping it!

I have standard AGD taperlock members. Can the Leitech mph drive these? YES!

Insert AGD taperlock member into adapter, insert adapter into the mph

I want to measure thread size and depth. Can I power the Leitech COMBI gage with the mph? YES!

Insert adapter into NG end of the Leitech COMBI gage, insert adapter into the mph

Can I power just Leitech COMBI gage members with the mph? YES!

Insert Leitech COMBI member into adapter, insert adapter into the mph

Can I use thread gage members that don't require and adapter with the mph? YES!

Insert Leitech mph thread member directly into the mph

Is the mph cordless? YES!

The Leitech mph uses Black & Decker Versapak rechargeable batteries

Benefits of the Leitech mph

  • Improves productivity up to 85%

  • Helps prevent repetitive motion injuries

  • Can be used with your exisitng inventory of standard taperlock thread gages

Technical information: 3.6V - Battery 1.2 A (2.0 Ah can also be supplied) - 350 Rpm - Torque: 8 to 40 N/cm
Thread size range: M4 to M30 - Continuous use with 1.2Ah battery 1 - 3 hours - Continuous use with 2.0 Ah battery 2 - 5 hours - Weight with battery: 650 grams - Dimensions: 218 x 60 x 30mm

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