NWS Sullivan SKYWARN Voice Frequencies, 2002

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Local Nets in the Sullivan County Warning Area (CWA)

South-Central WI Skywarn  (Baraboo/wide-area*) 146.88
Milwaukee Area Skywarn Association 146.91
Rock Co. ARES 147.075
Ozaukee Co. ARES 147.33
Dodge County 146.64 (123.0 Hz PL)
Milwaukee/Waukesha Co. ARES 146.67
Hidden Valleys ARC  (Iowa/Lafayette/Grant* Counties) 146.655
Washington County  146.73
Racine County  147.27
Green Lake County  146.955
Walworth County  146.865 (127.3 Hz PL)
Fond du Lac County 145.43
Juneau County* 146.85
Jefferson County 145.49 
Dane Co. Tornado Chasers  (Non-amateur)  463.875 
These are the known amateur and non-ham nets in the Sullivan CWA.  All spotters should find the best repeater for reporting observations.  Each net should supply a liaison station to forward severe reports to one of the coordinating frequencies (below), sometimes referred to as "the backbone."

* Some counties covered by the CWRA 146.88 repeater are in the La Crosse County Warning Area.
* Grant County, covered by the Hidden Valleys 146.655 repeater, is in the La Crosse County Warning Area.
* Juneau County is in the La Crosse County Warning Area.

Backbone Frequencies

Madison ("Sullivan WEST")  146.685 (123.0 Hz PL)
Cambridge ("Sullivan CENTRAL") 147.36 (123.0 Hz PL)
Milwaukee ("Sullivan EAST")  145.13 (127.3 Hz PL)
The backbone frequencies are the inbound paths for designated relay stations in each local net to relay observations to NWS/Sullivan.  As time permits, current storm conditions will be transmitted by the Sullivan radio operators to the relay stations for transmission back into the local nets.

These repeaters may be linked so the Sullivan operators only have to monitor one channel for all reports.

These frequencies are for the following stations ONLY:
- Operators at the Sullivan NWS office
- Relay stations from each local/area net

These two frequencies are NOT for use by spotters unless it is not possible to reach a local/area net.

Linked UHF Administrative Frequencies (& backup coordination)

Baraboo  (Sauk County) 443.900  PL 100.0
Fort Atkinson  (Jefferson County) 442.300 PL 100.0
Hollandale  (Iowa County) 444.550 PL 100.0
Allenton  (Washington County) 442.350  PL 114.8
These frequencies are used for coordination between nets and other net communications not directly related to reporting severe criteria.  They are also available for county nets whose liaison stations are unable to report in on the VHF coordinating frequencies.

For more information about SKYWARN in SC/SE Wisconsin, see the Sullivan Committee's web site.

Updated 4/11/02

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