Marching Through Georgia


“A book about seemingly ordinary people who do ordinary things…that under Ellis’ deft stylistic touch and wry sense of humor become extraordinary.”


--Publishers Weekly


“Sheds new light on an important part of our history…We discover what it meant and still means to be a Southerner.”


--Library Journal


In 1864 William Tecumseh Sherman made Civil War history with his infamous March to the Sea across Georgia. More than a century later, Jerry Ellis set out along the same route in search of the past and his Southern and Cherokee heritage.


From Macon’s fabled Goat Man to Arthur “Cowboy” Brown, the Savannah street musician, we meet a vibrant, unregimented people, all of whom, like Ellis, are looking for their place with one eye on the past and one of the present.


Read Atlanta Journal/Constitution feature story about author’s trek.

The University of Georgia Press, 2002 Paperback


First Edition Collectable Hardcover

 Delacorte Press, 1995

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