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         Each April, Sugar River Valley Chapter  Friends , together with members of the  Green County Conservation League and DNR employees, conduct "pheasant rooster crowing counts" along special routes at daybreak.  This is how the DNR gets its population estimates.  The highest counts in the state are found locally where we've done chapter projects .  We also get together with members of the League and  The Prairie Enthusiasts  & do  Controlled Burning   Please call me at 608/325-4606 if you're interested in participating in this next years burns & counts or just want additional Chapter            News & Information .  Try out other new web page we'll call the  Nest at

         The chapter uses its  Many Banquet's  to generate funds to help local landowners do local  Wildlife Habitat Improvement Projects .  The chapter provides free seed for  Food Plots and this year joined with other local Conservation Organizations in establishing an Emergency Wildlife Feeding Program because of the heavy snows last December.  The chapter has its own corn planter and does some custom  planting locally.  We can provide free corn and sorghum as well as a special seed mix provided by Pheasants Forever which includes corn, sunflower, millet, and buckwheat.  Find out more at our next  Monthly Meeting  which will be the first tuesday of the month 7pm at the  Argyle Rod & Gun Club

        The last three years we Co-Sponsored the  Call of the Wild Spring Camporee of the Arrowhead District  out at   Savanna Springs  and Yellowstone Lake .  We have several members of our chapter who are also facilitators in the Leopold Education Project and taught the LEP portion of the Camporee program.  Other chapter members taught 1/2 hour sessions on: Gun Safety and Trap Shooting.  Archery , Trapping, Turkey Calling, Duck Calling, Fly Tying, Fly Fishing, Trout Fishing, Taxidermy, Falconry, Indian Lore, Arrowhead making, Native Prairie grasses and forbes, Orienteering, Stream Bank Improvement, and being a DNR Warden.  We are a major sponsor of the Abe Lincoln School Prairie Jean Blum Outdoor Education Center

        We organized a "Learn to Hunt" Youth Pheasant hunt and seminar out at the Argyle Rod & Gun Club in 1998, 1999, & 2000  The Green County Conservation LeagueArgyle Rod & Gun Club , The Sugar River Valley Chapter of Pheasants Forever and the Wisconsin DNR   cosponsored the event.  The 2001 Youth Hunt  will include:
        1.  Hunt for youth who have taken hunters safety and are between 12 &17
        2.  No license or stamp needed
        3.  Waving of normal season, hence the date 2 weeks before usual opening.
        4.  More than 50 additional birds were added to the area
        5.  Mentored hunt with one adult with each youth while hunting
        6   Four hour seminar included:
                                    1 hour of review of hunter safety
                                    1 hour of trapshooting
                                    1 hour of pheasant hunting strategy
                                    1 hour of dog training

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