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Recently we added Spraying Equipment to the drill so we can plant and spray herbicides at the same time.  This can be an economic time saver or a way to touch up residual weeds.



Herbicide spraying can be done at the same time as no-till planting.  Costs range from an additional $20-$50/Acre  depending on the total number of acres done, the number of herbicides used and the amounts & costs of each herbicide & surfactant used.

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  To prepare projects for planting they often need to be sprayed with herbicides to get rid of weedy competition.    We are able to do this with a specially equipped 4 WD ATV with which we can do spraying or trail cutting.  Some herbicides such as Plateau can be sprayed on after or with planting and suppress annual weeds. 

Round-up & Plateau herbicides are the two main herbicides used in prairie planting.  Round-up generally kills anything we spray it on quickly without residual chemical activity.  This is often  used in preparation to planting or at the same time as planting.  Plateau on the other hand has a great deal of carry over,  takes a  while to work, selectively does a great job of preventing annual weeds and late in the season actually seems to promote prairie species that it seemed to suppress initially.  These two herbicides can be used separately or together.

ATV Spraying Costs

Over 20 Acres:           $10/Acre 

10-20 Acres:               $12/Acre 

5-10 Acres:                 $15/Acre   

2-5 Acres:                   $20/Acre       

Less than 2 Acres:      $25/Acre

Set-up & Delivery: $2/mile One Way

Herbicide costs:   Will depend on how much of & how many different herbicides & surfactants are used (usually $15-$30/A)