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Big Bluestem, Indian Grass and other large fluffy seeds tend to plug up a conventional drill.   Truax makes a drill designed for these special grasses.  We purchased the 8' model with the no-till attachments you can see here.

Broadcast Seeding can also be done with 2 different types of ATV seeders for  fall seeding.   






The front mount Herd Broadcast Seeder works well with food plot mixes and also with some of the finer grass seeds like Switch Grass or less fluffy seed like Side Oats Gramma

Prairie Planting Costs:       Truax No-Till Drill:

Over 20 Acres:                  $30/Acre

10-20 Acres:                      $40/Acre

5-10 Acres:                        $50/Acre

2-5 Acres:                          $75/Acre

Less than 2 Acres:          $100/Acre

Set-up & Delivery are Free if less than 20 miles from Savanna Springs Nursery         

$3/mile if over 20 miles.

Phone: (608) 328-2300 or (608) 325-4606     Cell #:  (608) 558-2075

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Savanna Springs Nursery has planted nearly 2000 acres of Prairie over the last few years.  Most of the planting has been done with our specialized Truax No-Till Drill and other broadcast seeders

The wheels are recessed behind the planter to allow us to go right up to the edge of fields or to be able to do ditches and waterways.  Recently we added Spraying Equipment to the drill so we can plant and spray herbicides at the same time.  This can be an economic time saver or a way to touch up residual weeds.    


Most Broadcast Seeders tend to plug up with the very fluffy prairie grass seeds.  Truax again has made a specialized Broadcast Seeder that have large internal Augers and feeding toothed wheels that allow even the fluffiest seed to flow evenly.  It even has a separate hopper for small wildflower seed

Prairie Planting Costs:  ATV Broadcast Seeder:

Over 20 Acres:              $10/Acre

10-20 Acres:                  $12/Acre

5-10 Acres:                    $15/Acre

2-5 Acres:                      $20/Acre

Less than 2 Acres:         $30/Acre


Post-Seeding Dragging  $10/Acre

Set-up & Delivery is $2/mile One Way