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Welcome to the Shed, Outside and Inside


          Running through the center of the valley is the Braezel Branch of the Pecatonica which is one of four streams in southern Wisconsin which carries the designation "very cold" water because of the extensive springs in the area.  Here 5 different springs dump into the creek. 

The largest spring was the site of a trading post with the French & Indians in the 1740's. Dozens of large springs such as this one above provide such extensive water flow that the pond never freezes over during winter.    It is now full of Rainbow, & Brown Trout.                                        

Over the last few years over 1000 youth have had a chance to wet a line in savanna springs


4H er's, Boy Scouts, Cubs, Brownies & Girl Scouts, Summer School  Fishing Classes, and many others







A Duck Pond was dug for wildlife and as a source of top soil for a major erosion problem


50 to 60 species of seeds were broadcast over the bare dirt and into the water.  Things look great


This huge Red Oak was found on the property.  The tree is over 15 feet around.  The 5 gal. paint bucket makes a good seat for Turkey hunting and shows the size of the tree.  The existing state record Red Oak scores out at 295 points.  We score 311 which  would make it a new state record.  The Silver Poplar on the right may also be a State Record.      


During the 1920's a great deal of "Apple Jack" was distilled by moon shiners in the valley.  Hundreds of Cider Apple Trees dot the hillside with spring blossoms, and when they die Morels can be found            







Extensive Stream Bank Improvements include Stream Bank Rip-rapping & inserting Lunker Structures


High Quality Prairie Remnants have been Identified & Improved.  Breathtaking Vistas



Indoor Camping with outdoor toilets all the way to Pack in only Wilderness Campsites


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