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The seeds are first started in germination trays which are kept in special end of the Greenhouse where humidity can be specially controlled.








Then they are transplanted into small individual pots and  38 or 96 cell trays where







Pricing depends on the species, age of plant, size of pot, and number of plants ordered. 

Seed is available for many native Grasses &  Wildflowers.   We would be happy to talk about contract growing and filling special seed orders for rare or other species we have growing but aren't listed.

Savanna Springs 608/328-2300

Cell Phone: 608/558-2075 Home: 608/ 325-4606


             So far we have put up a Greenhouse where we have grown about 25,000 plants.  Initially the individual plants were planted back on the original properties to increase the number of species as well as the number of plants of some specific species.






Here they emerge and grow until they are an inch or two tall.    




they grow larger waiting to go into either much larger pots or to be moved outside where they can harden off to more direct sunlight before they are ready to plant

Many species of the grasses & forbs are available in bulk in 38 cell trays of seedlings.  (Grasses $.75 & up, Forbs $1.10 & up.)   Better prices are available on more than 100 plants, on large contract orders, and if you provide seed, potting materials, pick up the plants yourself, or use smaller celled trays.     

2 1/2" Pots will retail for $1.50-$2.50  (<1yr.)  

3-4"and 6" Pots  1yr+ stock Ranging from $3 to $10.    

E-Mail: savanasp@tds.net,  dwisnefske@wekz.net

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