2002 "Call of the Wild"

Boy Scout & Girl Scout Fall Camporee

Despite Iffy weather produced by Hurricane Lilly and unfortunate scheduling conflicts with Homecoming in Monroe and Cuba City the 2002 Fall Scouting Camporee ended up being a resounding success.  Here Doctor Vickerman sits back waiting to be available to extract any trout flies from scouts while Todd Hanson and other Trout Unlimited members mentor a troop of Boys from Platteville.

One of Monroe's Girl Scout Troops listens to Stan Franson's session on Modern Fishing Devices.  Here he demonstrates an ultrasound depth finder that fits through a hole in the ice

Mark Rhinerson from Trout Unlimited is a Charter Member of the "Call of the Wild" Camporee Staff and has demonstrated Trout Fly Tying at all 4 camporees.  Here he  teaches some of Troop 180's boys how to tie flies and provides them with some flies to use once they are ready for the next session in the pond itself. Almost everyone had an opportunity to catch several fish and then cook them up for supper.

Ben Stamm was the hit of the camporee by bringing out his Iditarod Bound Sled team for practice running and gave a few rides.  Here the Troop from Galena stops by to check out the race, sleds and dogs.  Saturday morning Ben came out early and provided an interesting alarm clock as he raced the team past the boys and girls campsites at the crack of dawn with the team howling like a pack of wolves.  During the night Coyotes serenaded particularly the New Glarus & Monticello Girl Scouts camping at up at Lookout Campsite

Troop 180 stops by to check out the sled dog team & "rookie" Ben Stamm's quest of the Iditarod

Mike Connolly from Ducks Unlimited, another Camporee Veteran, presented a program on Duck & Goose Calling and Hunting

Dick Ammons, Green Counties delegate to the state Conservation Congress and experienced Trapper shows the Boys from New Glarus and Monticello how to set a trap at the mouth of a foxes den

Gene Upward, World Champion Turkey Call Carver brought some of his famous calls over to demonstrate turkey calling.  Here he is demonstrating an Owl Hooter that can be used to get a Gobbler to Shock Gobble early in the morning.  The Monroe Girls were very good at calling he said, they picked up the gentile touch and cadence almost immediately and produced an incredible racket when they all got to try out some of his calls at the same time.

Hunter's & Firearms Safety was stressed as part of the program.  Here Brian Mundt of the Argyle Rod & Gun Club and Kevin Winkler of the South Central Wisconsin Archers demonstrate the safe way to use a bow or gun to Monroe Cadets and Juniors

Clyde Sukanen talks to the New Glarus & Monticello Girl Scouts about Deer antlers and the "Rut"

         Girl Scout Juniors from Monroe get some hands on help with archery from South Central Wisconsin Archers Kevin Winkler and Al Metz

Judge Jim Beers brought out some of his arrowhead collection to show the girl scouts from New Glarus & Monticello.


Members of the Argyle Rod & Gun Club provide one on one mentors for the boys from Monroe's Troop 101 during the Trap Shooting segment of the hunting part of the program

It didn't matter if the trout were pan fried, grilled or deep fried.


  Its hard to beat fresh trout fixed outdoors after a long day on the trail