Call of the Wild Spring Camporee

          More than 400 scouters and presenters attended the 2nd Call of the Wild Spring Camporee of the Arrowhead District of the Blackhawk Council of the Boy Scouts of America.  The camporee was again held at Savannah Springs.  Tornado warnings 2 miles away on Friday evening failed to dampen the spirits of the boys but did knock over a tent or two.  Similar hikes were set up for boy scouts and cub scouts through a series of activities which included:

        A stop at the Duck Pond where Mike Connelly demonstrated the used of decoys as well as demonstrating Duck and Goose calling.
        A short hike to the west brings us to the Trapping part of the demonstration where Walt Tyler demonstrated the use of traps and how to set up a trap line.  Here his grandson Tyler shows off some of Walt's many pelts and hides.
        The Argyle Rod & Gun Club was the starting point for many of the boys.  Here several of the clubs members taught hunter safety as well as 1/2 hour of trap shooting.  I have to thank the more than 10 members who gave up a beautiful Saturday to teach hundreds of appreciative scouts.
        Over the course of about a three mile hike several interest points as well as orienteering courses were set up.  Here the boys were taught to count the number of paces in 100 yards.
         Most of the boys camped at Lookout Campsite.  Here's the view from across the valley.
         Paul Leck and his family brought over his antique fishing display.
 Stan Franzen brought out his boat which was equipped with the latest in high tech fishing tools such as ultrasonic depth finders and satellite global positioning systems.
         One of the highlights of the program was fishing in a trout pond filled with Lunker Trout.  Although none of the real monsters were caught most of the fish caught were between 16" and 20".  The largest trout caught by a boy scout and cub scout were mounted by Pat Miller of Monroe as prizes to the scouts themselves.
        During the Trout Fishing Section the largest Trout caught by a Boy Scout & Cub Scout were mounted free of charge by local taxidermist Pat Miller of Monroe.  Here Pat presents the largest Trout caught by a  Boy Scout to Potosi Troop 67 Boy Scout Allen Straka.
        The rest of the trout were grilled up and eaten for supper
         Along with hot dogs, brats, and a stew made from venison, Moose and Caribou.
         After supper a religious service and campfire program was put on by Chief Earl Cloud of the Potawatami Nation.  Here Chief Earl talks of the importance and symbolism of fire to his people.  Jim Terrell is starting a fire with flint and steel.  Later in the program there were readings of the "Good Oak" by a facilitator of the Leopold Education Project and a rendition of Chief Seattle's speech by Al Schmidt.

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