1998 Youth Hunt

The 1998 "Learn to Hunt" Youth Pheasant hunt and seminar was held out at the Argyle Rod & Gun Club on October 10th.  The Conservation League,  Argyle Rod & Gun Club  , The   Sugar River Valley Chapter of Pheasants Forever and the Wisconsin DNR  cosponsored the event.  The event included:
                        1.  Hunt for youth who have taken hunters safety and are between 12 &17
                        2.  No license or stamp needed
                        3.  Waving of normal season, hence the date 1 week before usual opening.
                        4.  60 additional birds were added to the area
                        5.  Mentored hunt with one adult with each youth while hunting
                        6   Four hour seminar included:
                                    1 hour of review of hunter safety
                                    1 hour of trapshooting
                                    1 hour of pheasant hunting strategy
                                    1 hour of dog training

Greg carefully plants a rooster prior to the youth hunt
Dan marvels at the beauty of one of 60 birds stocked for the kids
Most of the 1998 "Learn to Hunt" Crew
A total of 24 youth and 26 mentors attended the event
Hunter Safety & Trap Shooting preceeded the hunt.
Several young ladies showed they could shoot as well or better than the boys
One of the high points of the seminars was watching Deb Joseph of Lime Creek Labrador Retrievers demonstrating dog handling and training with her master field trial champion Katy
It only took Katy about 5 minutes to find, flush & retrieve these two birds.
Nice shooting boys.
Walking back to the car Scott's Shorthair found this native hiding along a foodplot.  All told the young hunters went 14 for 24.      A hunt we'll all remember

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