Stream Bank & Trout Habitat Improvement  

After years of heavy cattle grazing extensive bank erosion can be seen on the Braezel Branch of the Pecatonica 


Areas of stream bank erosion are tappered to a lesser slope and then covered by course Rip-Rap Rocks.  Appropriate Vegitation is planted to help hold the soil.  

Here is another corner before Rip-Rapping and  

       On this same corner Lunker structures were placed producing undercut banks. There is one just to the right of the large rock you can see in the middle of the stream.The stream slides under the rocks scouping out a hidden area in the shade for Trout to hide.  

Building a Trout House

First the eroded bank is pulled back and a 2 to 1 grade or better is established 


Here are 2 Lunker structures.  The roof of the trout  house is on the left.  The legs of the structure are on on the right & get buried into the stream side.  The steel rods are pushed down into the ground to help anchor it in place once in the stream.  Then the whole thing gets covered with rip rap & stream current keeps an area washed out underneath as habitat.

Here the Lunker Structure is lowered into place.

A large rock is placed at the front of the lunker structure


The metal rods are driven down into the ground  and rock is placed over the lunker structure

To divert the streams current under the lunker structure a large bolder is placed on the opposite side of the stream from the lunker structure

Other large rocks are added


followed by Rip Rap

Instant Trout House.  Note the large anchoring stone on the left, the wood of the roof of the lunker structure just under the surface with other large rocks on top of the roof.  The rocks on the top of the picture divert the current under the lunker structure keeping a small trout cave open underneath

The result is a narrowed stream which is deeper than before with a trout cave under one bank

Rake the bank a littte and then check things out with NRCS


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