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Here is our Christmas Letter:

Merry Christmas 97’ from the Marshall Household

Merry Christmas from our home to yours as we come to the end of another year. Since we never got a letter out last year, I thought I had better update everyone this year.

Stewart has been very busy with his dual parishes and guards. He has also been very busy with his sideline of computers. Oh I had better also say he has been baby-sitting for Donna while she is working. There have been some times that we have had to get a baby-sitter though. This year he gave each one of the kids a computer for their rooms, which they all enjoy very much.

Donna has now been working at the local newspaper office in Neillsville for a year and a half now. She enjoys her job very much. She answers telephones types the classifieds, does the billing for the newsstands, she also does up some of the display ads and can’t forget the sport’s rosters for the local school in Neillsville.

Barbara now at age 12-1/2 and in 7th grade is doing very good in school. This year she is in band and 4-H. She enjoys playing her clarinet, making crafts in her 3rd year in 4-H. She has even been doing baby-sitting. She played in pep band this year and also marched in our Fall Festival parade here in Granton. She is done marching for this year but will be in the solo ensemble this year. She is also sewing in 4-H. She wanted to be in chorus this year but do to the lack of participants it will have to wait until next year. Although she is planning on singing in the choir at church for Christmas, and also will be playing her instrument in church.

James now at 11 and in grade 5 is a very bright boy as he got straight A’s in his first semester of school this year. This year James started band and is playing the cornet (trumpet). He doesn’t play it much at home but the 5th grade band class will begin the Christmas concert this year. James is still in scouts and enjoys it very much and is also doing the paper route this year, with some help from his sister. James is also in his 4th year of 4-H and in sewing also. James tried out for basketball this year but do to conflicts with schedules it didn’t work out. I doubt if he will be in it next year.

Jonathan our youngest is in 2nd grade 7 and a half, and doing very well. He has made a lot of progress which I don’t think would have been accomplished without the help of his teacher Sarah Elmhorst whom he also had for first grade. This year he started 4-H hooray! We tried to get him into t-ball but the cut off was May 1 and they wouldn’t make any exceptions, even if his dad was coaching (really managing, along with all the other things he has to do!) We also tried to get him into scouts but they didn’t have enough sign up. This year at our Fall festival he tried out again in the pedal pull and this time he won 3rd prize. It was so great because James said he wasn’t going to participate in it this year so his brother would have a chance, and he won. He was so happy because he now has his own trophy. Maybe now we broke James winning streak, ha,ha.

This year for just after Christmas we will be leaving for Tennessee to Stewart’s Mom & Dad’s. We will help Stewart’s Grandma celebrate her 90th birthday on New Year’s Eve. This will be the first time since being in the parish that we have celebrated Christmas and New Year’s with family.

Stewart is being kept busy with a lot of things. He was elected to be the Circuit Pastoral delegate to the Synod’s convention this next year. He was also elected to be president of the local Rotary club in 98. Along with all this he still gets other things done. The computers in the kids rooms are the result of scavenging parts over the last few years. Donna also got her own computer to play with. She wanted a Mac but got an IBM clone instead. We are all part of the information age in the house too. Stewart’s got an email address along with Donna, and the kids too. You know the old saying “The family that emails together stays together”

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You all take care and may you all have a wonderful Christmas and a joyous new year.

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