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Descendants of William Summerford from South Carolina to Alabama

1.WILLIAM SUMMERFORD: Born 1834 in York County, South Carolina. Died (went to Civil War and was never heard from again). Married MARY C. in 1853 or 1854. Mary C. was born October 4, 1838 in Georgia and died March 11, 1906. She is buried in Jackson County, Alabama. Their children: Georgia(2A), Mary J. "Molly"(2B), John(2C), and William Frank(2D).

2A.GEORGIA SUMMERFORD: Born February 9, 1855 in Alabama. Died June 21, 1943. She is buried in Jackson County, Alabama. Married W.G. MURPHREE. He was born July 14, 1855 and died September 7, 1905. He is buried in Jackson County, Alabama

2B.MARY J. "MOLLY" SUMMERFORD:Born 1857 in Alabama. Married (UNKNOWN MURPHREE) brother of W.G. Murphree.

2C. JOHN SUMMERFORD: Born 1859 in Alabama.

2D.WILLIAM FRANK SUMMERFORD: Born January 26, 1864 in Blount County Alabama. Died May 18, 1917. He is buried in Jackson County Alabama. Married NANCY BEA RODEN in 1884. Nancy Bea was born June 28, 1855 in Roden Town, DeKalb County, Alabama. Died September 17, 1949 and is buried in Jackson County, Alabama. Their children: Joseph "Joe" Franklin(3A), Levi Pimoten(3B), Letti(3C), Effie Fannie(3D), Charley C.(3E), and Benny(3F).

3A.JOSEPH "JOE" FRANKLIN SUMMERFORD:Born September 29, 1886 in Mississippi. Died December 11, 1967. He is buried in Jackson County, Alabama. Married ROXIE M. MIDDLEBROOKS in 1905. Roxie M. was born July 2, 1890 and died March 30, 1925. She is buried in Jackson County, Alabama. Their children: Shelly, William, Elbert, Beatrice, Oscar, Arthur, Charley, and Vera. Joe's second marriage was to ARIZONA "DAWNEE" HAMILTON on July 3, 1926. Arizona was born May 22, 1892 and died November 15, 1947. She is buried in Jackson County, Alabama. Their children: Lola, Maunee, Wydean, Hassel, Buford, and Cleavy Dell. Joe's third marriage was to MADDIE MAE PENDERGRASS in October 1948. Maddie Mae was born March 20, 1917 and died July 10, 1971. She is buried in Jackson County, Alabama.

3B.LEVI PIMOTEN SUMMERFORD:Born November 6, 1889 in Jackson County, Alabama. Died January 19, 1965 and is buried in DeKalb County, Alabama. Married SARA EMMA in 1907. Sara Emma was born October 18, 1888 and died September 13, 1973. She is buried in Jackson County, Alabama. Their children: Rubie Inez, and five others who died as infants. Levi's second marriage was to LILLY BELL DAVIS on October 11, 1926. Lilly Bell was born September 19, 1900 and died October 3, 1971. She is buried in Dekalb County, Alabama. Their children: Gretna Christine(4A), Thomas Herbert Hoover (4B), Wilma Lee(4C), Ezra Lee(4D), Kermit Ray(4E), Alfa Bea(4F), Clyde Edward(4G), and Joyce Glenda(4H).

3C.LETTI SUMMERFORD: Born July 1892.She is buried in Etowah County, Alabama. Married RAS BURNS.

3D.EFFIE FANNIE SUMMERFORD: Born January 8, 1896. Died November 6, 1970. She is buried in Jackson County, Alabama. Married BLACK (FIRST NAME UNKNOWN).

3E.CHARLEY C. SUMMERFORD:Born September 22, 1897. Died June 17, 1973. He is buried in Jackson County, Alabama. Married INDIA. India is buried in Jackson County, Alabama.

3F.BENNY SUMMERFORD:Born ? (between 1884 - 1895). Died as an infant in a house fire. He is buried in Jackson County, Alabama.

4A.GRETNA CHRISTINE SUMMERFORD:Born January 8, 1927. Died February 10, 1987 and is buried in DeKalb County, Alabama. Married HAROLD GOGGINS. Harold died in a car accident. Gretna Christine's second marriage was to L.E. BONDS.

4B.THOMAS HERBERT HOOVER SUMMERFORD: Born November 9, 1928. Died February 18, 1989 and is buried in DeKalb County, Alabama. Married RACCINE GOGGINS. Their children: Leslie Lealand, Lefty Ray, and Teresa Ann.

4C.WILMA LEE SUMMERFORD: Married BILLY RAY MADDOX on October 16, 1948. Their children: Jerry Ray and Sara Lee. Wilma and Billy were divorced in 1953. Wilma's second marriage was to GAINES CARROLL in 1954. Wilma and Gaines divorced in 1979.

4D.EZRA LEE SUMMERFORD: Married EVA MAE WOTTEN on December 15, 1951. Their children: Larry Wayne, Daniel "Danny" Lee, Glenda Diane, Timothy "Tim", Sheila Kay, and David Eugene.

4E.KERMIT RAY SUMMERFORD: Married DOROTHY LOUISE MAULDIN on December 26, 1953. Dorothy Louise was born in Aragon, Georgia. Their children: Kermet Ross(5A), Dorothy Jeneal(5B), Pamela "Pam" Gay(5C), Jackie Lynn(5D), and Vicke Ann(5E).

4F.ALFA BEA SUMMERFORD: Married BOBBY FORMBY. Their child: Sandra Joyce. Alfa Bea's secod marriage was to KERMIT MARKS. Their children: Donna Gail and Angela "Angie" Jana. Alfa Bea's third marriage was to WAYNE SMITH.

4G.CLYDE EDWARD SUMMERFORD:Married EVOLA BEARDEN. Their children: Freda Gail, Karen Lynn, Randy Lee, Ricky Dale, and Clyde Edward Jr.

4H.JOYCE GLENDA SUMMERFORD:Married JERRY WAYNE HIETT on July 19, 1959. Thier children: Sherry Yvonne, Jimmy Lanier, and Scottie Wayne. Joyce's second marriage was to HERMAN EUGENE WILSON JR. on August 24, 1986.Herman was born August 18, 1930 and died February 14, 1992. Joyce's fourth marriage was to WAYNE EUGENE RIVES on August 23, 1994.

5A.KERMET ROSS SUMMERFORD:Married CYNTHIA ANN CHERRY on April 28, 1973. Cynthia was born in Marshall County, Alabama. Their children: Jennifer Anica Dawn and Misty Ann. Kermet Ross and Cynthia divorced in 1979. Kermet Ross' second marriage was to MARIA REYES ABRIL on June 18, 1980. Maria Reyes was born in Zaragoza, Spain. Their child: Victoria Melina Matawaka.


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* Mary J. "Molly" and her husband Mr. Murphree left for Texas and were never heard from again.

* Looking for information on a MARY C. CHAMLEY or CHAMBLEY born October 4, 1838 in Georgia.

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* I'm also working on the DAVIS, MURPHREE, and MAULDIN surnames.

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