The Calhoun County MS Historical & Genealogical Society, Inc. located in the newly-restored home of Governor Dennis Murphree at Pittsboro, invites you to drop in and visit for a while.

On this website, I have included a brief composite of the life of Dennis Murphree along with copies of the materials located in the "Know Mississippi Better" Train subject file located in the Mississippi State Archives at Jackson.

The articles, which are available on the Source page, will take you directly to a reproduction of the source.  I have attempted to reproduce the material as exactly as possible, including typo's made by the original pressmen and editors.

Note:  In the early 1920's Mr. Ed. Ruff organized several train tours known as Southern MS Educational Tours.  Different articles related to these tours are also located in the KMB file at Jackson because it is possible that Dennis Murphree received his inspiration from this.  One letter on file states that Mr. Ruffs tours were for "MS farmers diversify crops, increase cattle raising...and reforestation of cutover or undeveloped land."  By checking the information available, this was a different scope and focus than the KMB Train.

This site is specifically for the Know MS Better Train information and former Governor Dennis H. Murphree, from what information is available.  If anyone would like to e-mail me with comments, or send copies of photos, articles, etc. I will be glad to consider them for this site.

However; I do reserve all rights to this site as it is being openly available to the public with public information, with no financial consideration to any group represented either in print or publication form and being presented as a public information site to the Calhoun County Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc. (a non-profit organization) of Calhoun County, MS.

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