Dennis Murphree
General Chairman, KMB Train 

Box 961, Jackson, Miss. 

Dear Sir:I hereby apply for reservation on the 1941“Know Mississippi Better” Train.I desire this reservation to be in a 

Berth ¸Compartment ¸Drawing Room ¸

I am married or single (_______) Date of Birth _________ Vocation _____________ 

Two references:

I agree that if I should fail to conduct myself on the trip as a lady or gentleman should, my reservation shall be immediately cancelled upon the return of the money paid for the reservation.Name_____________________________Address___________________________ 


The advisability of reviving the “Know Mississippi Better Train”, which carried this state’s message to various sections of the county between 1925-1944, was discussed Tuesday by a special committee named by the State Agricultural and Industrial board. 

The committee includes:Fred Johnson, past president of the Jackson Chamber of Commerce; Rep. George Crawford, of Madison county; State Commissioner of Agriculture Si Corley; and W.E. Barksdale, A. and I. board director. 

The train carried various state leaders, and exhibits from their respective departments on publicity trips to various sections of the United States, Mexico and Canada. 

Jackson Daily NewsMarch 1, 1950

Dennis Murphree, 

General Chairman, K.M.B. Train 

Box 961, Jackson, Miss. 

Dear Sir:I hereby make application for reservation on the “Know Mississippi Better” Train 1947 for its Eastern trip. 

Berth (

I want space in a Compartment (

Drawing Room(

If awarded reservation, I will conduct myself on the trip as a lady or gentleman should.Otherwise, my reservation is to be cancelled and my money returned.