Somebody is lying, want to bet who? Who are the liars in chief?


We might as well have Putin sit in on intelligence briefings.


One of the traitors is head of the committee investigating traitors.




The party of traitors
First they steal the election now they continue to jeopardize America, TRAITORS


Why a person who doesn't give a shit about the common man should vote for Gorsuch and why a person who does shouldn't vote for Gorsuch.
Sort of a test of whether or not you are a Republican.

Republicans have been sabotaging America for at least 50 years. Adults should know that.


You know who you are. Here is the result of you being you.


Potentially the most shocking betrayal in history.

My oh my

The players.


Summation, these people are idiots.

The opposite of FAKE NEWS

In a nutshell what the right has been doing for 25 years. One of the assholes states a lie and the rest of them repeat it and the lie becomes the truth.
"I can tell you that."