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Dan's Latest Videos

Throughout my life I have been interested in motion pictures. First 8mm home movies, which I edited in my youth, physically cutting and splicing the film together. Then came analog video which also provided audio, but now we have digital HD and UHD (Ultra High Definition) video. My grandparents, if alive today, would not believe the beautiful images that are commonplace today. They first watched black and white images that looked like they were caught in a snow storm and at times could hardly make out the images that were being transmitted some twenty miles away. Currently my interest in videography has been spurred by my recent purchase of a DJI Mavic Pro drone, capable of shooting 4k video. The first seven videos listed below were produced using a hand held digital video camera and the last seven listed below were shot with the DJI Mavic Pro drone's camera. Enjoy the videos.

Links to Videos

DJI Mavic ProDJI Mavic Pro
House Demolition
Backyard Nature 1
Backyard Nature 2
Backyard Nature 3
Backyard Nature 4
Backyard Nature 5
Rotary Botanical Gardens
Country Droning
Lake Ripley Area
View of Heritage
View of Heritage-2
Circling Heritage
Heritage Fall Colors
Cedarburg, WI - Georgetown Subdivision
Madison, WI - Southwest Community
Lake Wisconsin
Beautiful Madison West
Egg Harbor, Wisconsin Library
DJI Mavic Pro DJI Mavic Pro DJI Mavic Pro