I've talked via email to a few of the people who were at Bravo Battery where I was stationed between the
years 1965 and 1967. That inspired me to dig out and scan some of the photos I took back then and put them up
on my website for others to see. 
The early shots are fuzzy black & white. My first camera was a 16mm Minolta
and its resolution was rather poor. Later black & white (and some color) photos were shot with a Kodak Instamatic.
Eventually I got a Nikon 35mm. In addition, a few photos in misc were recently emailed to me by ex-Bravo guys.
     People in my photos were scanned at a resolution high enough to recognise faces, and places show images of the
Base and the local German town of Landau. Those were scanned at a lower resolution with the exception of my color
photographs of the base. That said, if you see anything of interest that requires greater detail, let me know the number
of the file its on and I'll rescan it at the maximum resolution and send it to you. JPG files offer the best tradeoff of detail
vs file size, but if you need a file in some other format, let me know.
     The images of people are file listed as 0001.jpg, 0002.jpg, etc. in the "people" directory. Files shown as 001.jpg,
002.jpg, etc. in the "places" directory are images of the base and surrounding area. Lastly, the high res color images
of the base are shown as C010, C011, etc. One additional directory contains a few scanned pages from a jokebook
from back then... but the humor is timeless. Enjoy! A later addition to this collection of photos came from a friend I
knew back at Bravo, Bernard (Bud) Dowey. I recently found his address and wrote to him, and he generously let me
borrow, scan and put up some of his color slides from those days.
     The text file photolist.txt is a list of people and places in my photos. There are many people shown that I didn't
know, so I don't have names to go with all the pictures. If you can help with that, I would greatly appreciate it. I'll make
the necessary additions and corrections to my site. There is also a list of names from my extract of orders for
weapons training (rifle and 50 caliber). Those names may jog your memory if you can't remember someone.
     Another file is a scan of an old newpaper clipping I saved from back then. It's from the Overseas Weekly when
they ran a full page article in 1967 about our base and the 100% we earned on S.N.A.P. that year. Lastly, there is a
file that shows some of the artifacts from my military experience.

Ray Carlsen