Note: information herein can be updated or changed at any time.

     For repairs to your equipment or additional info: email: rcarlsen at tds dot net

First on this list: how to pack equipment properly for shipping, and what can happen if you don't!

COMMODORE POWER SUPPLIES, new replacements for your old or missing PS.
THE COMPUTER SAVER, a protection device for the C64 using the "brick" power supply.

CBM-II series computers: C128-40, B128-80 (aka 700), B256-80, & the P500.
C16 computer: schematics
C116 computer: schematics
C64 computer: repair articles, schematics, service manual, Computer Saver for your C64, adding a reset
       switch (warm and cold), using an EPROM to replace the PLA, adding heat sinks to IC's, and more.
C65 computer: motherboard photo only
SX64 portable computer: repair articles, schematics, adding an "invisible" reset switch, disk drive swap,
          photos, keyboard repairs, how to replace missing handle caps, the SRQ line mod, etc.
PET64 computer: photos, ROM binaries, &  misc info.
Plus/4 computer: a beginners tutorial, service and troubleshooting mauals, power connector info., computer Saver
C128 computer: repair articles, schematics, VRAM upgrade, PS repairs, etc.
C128DCR USA (metal case) computer: repair articles, schematics, adding a fan, WP bypass, drive # change, etc.
VIC20 computer: repair articles, schematics, etc.

1541 disk drive: repair articles and schematics, drive reset mod, etc.
1551 disk drive: schematics only
1571 disk drive: repair articles and schematics, PS info, reset mod, transit card, etc.
1581 disk drive: schematics, PS, reset mod, diagnostic procedures and bug fixes.
Enhancer 2000 disk drive: schematics, photos and service manual
MSD SD-1 and SD-2 disk drives: repair information, schematics, Ops manual, CLD MassDupe, etc.
FSD-1 disk drive: photos and DOS ROM binary file
FSD-2 disk drive (aka Oceanic OC-118 & Excelerator+Plus): photos and DOS ROM binary file
INDUS-GT disk drive: schematics, photos & ROM binary files
SFD-1001 disk drive: schematics, DOS ROM binaries, etc.
BLUE CHIP and AMTECH disk drives: 1541 and 1571 clones, external transformer power pack
The datassette (C2N and 1531): some common problems and their solutions

17xx series RAM EXPANSION units: schematics and board layout.

Commodore monitor schematics and hardware repair information.

The uIEC/SD module from Retro Innovations (Jim Brain)... some early experiments


Pinouts of various Commodore connectors
A replacement power switch for your Commodore monitor
A replacement power switch for the C64 and C128
Testing and evaluating the SID (sound) chip in your computer, sound clips, a small BASIC test program, etc.
How to install a switch to change your disk drive from device 8 to 9
Keyboard repair
Desoldering IC's safely
Power supply testing and repair
Testing control ports with a small BASIC program
Adding a fan to cool your computer or disk drive
How to install a safe and simple write-protect bypass circuit in your disk drive
How to repair a cassette or datassette tape
Diagnostic cartridges: what Commodore factory techs used to repair computers
Adapters to replace Commodore ROMs with newer EPROMs
Jason-Ranheim EPROM burner and Promos 2.0 software
The CMD RAMLink, some generic information
Pict-o-guide, screen shots of common faults.
Use a C128 PS on your C64 by adding (pigtail) a C64 power connector to the supply.

Misc. hardware and software: diagnostic and other cartridges, zip files, printers, Ketek enclosure,
     VIC1020, VIC20 switch, CSI switch,etc.