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This site is dedicated to users of 8 bit Commodore Computer hardware. I had been doing consumer
electronics repair work since 1964. I retired from my "day" job as a repair tech at the University of
Washington in Seattle back in 2009 and likewise don't do consumer electronics repairs at home any
longer... except for Commodore and related 8 bit computer hardware such as the C64 and C128
series and their peripherals. I don't repair the Amiga line or the PETs but I do make a replacement
power supply for the Amiga A500, A600 and A1200 in addition to ones for the CBM C64, C128,
VIC20E (early) and VIC20CR (late) and Plus/4 computers.
     Most new electronics devices are made to be discarded rather than repaired but I intend to
continue repairing "obsolete" Commodore hardware as long as I can. I created this site to share
information and to assist other CBM users who want to repair their own equipment, and for those
who need access to competent technical help.
     The information herein is listed in "directories". Each directory refers to a particular device such
as a C64 computer, and each contains all the repair articles, schematic diagrams, etc. I have for that
piece of equipment. Most repair articles are stored in standard text file format.

Special interest:
Photograph restoration service: prints, slides or negatives of any size.
The Dr. Dean Edell Radio Show archive: my mp3 files, mid 2007 to his retirement in 2010.
B-2-56 is a photo archive of my military experience in Germany from 1965 to 1967.
When Consumer Electronics was repairable... a brief look back at Carlsen Electronics.