Stud fee: $ 500 

$6/mare care


Northwoods Thunder Walker was sold to Christina Arnt and is now standing at the Stables of Chester Woods, Rochester, MN.

We are very proud of our stallion.  He stays true black & white... never fading in the summer.  His ears are tiny and he has a handsome head.   His back is short and has a great front end.  He gaits like a dream... not pacey or trotty....always barefoot.  He is a gentle horse with a big heart.  He is out with other horses...and is allowed to be a real horse.  He loves to be pet, brushed, & hugged.  We love him...and MARES do too!!  Why not own some of the beauty of the 'Northwoods'?

Our handsome stallion is registered:

   Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders & Exhibitors Assoc. # 956821


   Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders & Exhibitors Assoc. #9800624


   National Spotted Saddle Horse Assoc. #9511594


   Racking Horse Breeders Assoc. of America #00952414

   sSs Certificate of Recognition, tracing his ancestry back to the Foundation Tobiano TWH,   Sandy Sun's Sally

Walker's bloodlines include:

   Paint the Town
   Merry Go Boy
   Go Boy's Shadow
   Midnight Sun
   Last Chance
   Dusty Sally
   Sandy Sun Sally
   Go Boy's Insignia
   Old Glory's Big Man
   Brantley's Roan Allen, Jr.
   Mack's K. Handshaker
   Merry Legs
   Shaker's Professor




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