Mariah and her black and white colt were sold to Pat VanLangendon of Oneida, WI.

"Mariah" is Barb's mare.  We got this sweet mare when she was two... she had been through quite a bit as a young filly.  From the first time I saw her.... looked into her eyes.... I knew she would be 'my' mare.  We bonded.  She is very symmetrically marked, and has a nice wide brow with big eyes.  She is always the low gal on the totem pole.... Kids love riding her bareback because of her nice wide back.  She is a wonderful mother... and her babies are as sweet and special as their mommy.  Mariah kisses, shakes hands, and parks on command.  She has Triple Threat, Merry Go Boy, Midnight Sun, Last Chance, and Sun Dust breeding.  

Mariah is registered:

   TWHBEA: 927476

   SSHBEA: 9702470

   NSSHA : 9210880




Raven was sold to Ericka Gylund of Coon Valley, WI.  Ericka now has three horses from Painted Pastures: Cheyenne, Raven, and Raven's new black and white colt, Thunder.

This is Al's mare, affectionately called, "Raven".  She is a granddaughter of Ebony Masterpiece.  Raven's bloodlines also include Midnight Sun, Merry Go Boy, Last Chance, Sun Dust, and Garnet.  She can really MOVE... is super smooth naturally.  Raven is a wonderful mother... and is beautiful coming and going... with a silky tail that is gorgeous.

She is a real people horse.  Her babies are breathtaking.  Raven is a very intelligent horse that kisses, shakes hands, and parks on command. foal.

Raven is registered:

   TWHBEA: 954384

   SSHBEA: 9702469

   NSSHA : 9510354

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