Due to the death of Al, Barb's beloved husband and co-founder of Painted Pastures, Barb is no longer selling and breeding horses.  Her heart would not let her sell them all.  She kept her last big present from Al, Lover Boy's Shadow and her filly, SiouxTala-Shadow Walker.

A big thank you to those who brought mares to breed with our handsome stallions and to those who purchased our precious foals.  Barb would love it if you would keep in touch with pictures, calls and emails.  Feel free to browse the website to appreciate the hard work and dedication we put into breeding and raising the wonderful Tennessee Walking Horse breed.

We are a small Tennessee Walking Horse farm in North Central Wisconsin.  We strive to produce the naturally gaited horses that Mother Nature intended... but with a little extra color and beauty! With four seasons, we see the new buds and leaves in the spring... summer brings warmth and the splash of blossoming flowers and green fields... the fall brilliance of color is breathtaking... and winter becomes a winter wonderland!

We stand a black & white stallion and have two black and white mares, and two tri-colored mares.

Please pour yourself a cup of coffee now... and join us in the beautiful 'Northwoods'.

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Morning Star Cheyenne Moon

Put some glide in your ride...and some paint in your pasture!!!
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