How to Stuff Envelopes at Home Without Getting Ripped Off

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My Company has been hiring home workers to stuff envelopes and do other simple mail processing for many years. This Special Report gives you the INSIDE SECRETS, from the boss's perspective, so YOU can learn the inside track and use it to earn an excellent second income stuffing envelopes at home and other mail processing work, too. We're showing you how to do REAL, honest, envelope stuffing work. No get rich quick schemes, no misleading offers. Just real honest part time work you can do at home and have fun. This report will give you everything you need to know to get started right away. You can stuff envelopes for local mailing services or you can stuff envelopes for local private companies, or both. Be wary, however, of companies that claim you will make good money stuffing envelopes for an out-of-town company. While it is possible that such offers are legitimate, we've never seen one. Generally, these types of offers involve some type of income AFTER a product is sold from your mailing, and generally you as the stuffer end up financing the postage, or the mailing list cost, or the research cost, or the printing costs, or other costs, and YOU are the one assuming the risks. Let common sense, seasoned with a measure of risk taking, guide you. Mailing services will be your best bet for envelope stuffing work because they have large volumes of honest, real work all of the time, so they have the potential to give you much work, versus just a little work. They are local and are interested in paying good money for honest good work. The American Way. In addition to stuffing envelopes, they may hire you to rubber stamp papers or envelopes, sort materials, glue, staple, etc... just about anything you can do to paper that isn't done by a machine. When you work for a mailing service or a private company from home, you will most likely be hired as an independent contractor, not as an employee. As an independent contractor, you will essentially be your own company, in business for yourself. You are much more free than an employee would be. While the company who gives you work WILL expect the work to be done a certain way and with good quality and completed on time, that is basically all they will likely require of you. You can do the work on YOUR schedule, YOUR way, wherever YOU want... and you can even hire other people to do the work for you or with you! You can often accept or reject work without getting fired, because you're not an employee. You will generally be paid by the piece or by the thousand pieces instead of by the hour, so if you're slow, your time will not be as profitable as if you are fast. Most people gain speed after they get started and get faster and faster the more envelopes they stuff. Other benefits include: little or no out-of-pocket expense, except transportation, but you can invest in machines or other tools that will help you be faster and more profitable if you want to; freedom, flexibility, ability to stay home with children or other family members, and the best one... EXTRA INCOME! Plus, many people feel that processing mail or doing other assembly work, alone or in a group, at a table or on the floor in front of television, is relaxing and FUN!

How to get Started:

Our first suggestion: Call mailing services and printers within driving distance of your home. You will find them in the yellow pages under "Mailing Services", "Advertising, Direct Mail", "Lettershop Services" and "Printers". Ask them if they ever hire people to work athome processing BULK mail. When one mailing service company placed very small ads in their local paper for work at home, they received over a hundred on-site applications in less than nine business hours, and the sad thing was, there were only one or two jobs. So when you beat the rush by calling the mailing service BEFORE they have to go looking for people (since you now have the inside scoop), make it clear to the Production Manager or General Manager that you are willing to work hard, pick up and deliver your work ON TIME, and that you will give them good work. Blow your own horn and then deliver what you promised. Act confident and enthusiastic, and you will separate yourself from the crowd and hopefully, get the work. Don't be surprised if you don't get the work the first time you call or write. Production Managers are very busy people with hundreds of problems to deal with every day. When one of their problems is that they have hand work and not enough people to do it, be sure you are easy to reach by phone. Call them every once in a while to let them know you're still intersted. Send them a follow up post card or letter letting them know, again, that you can benefit them (while they also benefit you). To work for other private companies, contact companies that are big enough to have mailings that require stuffing, but not so big that they have machines doing all the work exclusively. When you contact these companies, let them know they can trust you to do good work and finish it on time. Let them know you are easy to hire, easy to count on, and you are a good solution to their problems. Offerd your services at a good price. Prices vary from market to market, ranging from about $18.00 per 1000 envelopes stuffed and sealed. A fast stuffer can stuff & seal 500-600 per hour. The more inserts there are inside the envelope, the more you can charge. Let them know you are flexible and responsive... you can stuff envelopes, rubber stamp, collate, fold, etc., whatever they need done... you can do it at home. When looking for envelope stuffing work, remember... accounting departments have to stuff invoices and statements. Sales departments have to stuff advertising letters and notices. Office Mangers are sometimes responsible for all outgoing mail.

We hope that this information helps you find envelope stuffing work that is an excellent part time income for you. Best of luck to you!


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