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"Board Warfare"

"Board Warfare" version 6.0 (freeware)
Last modification: 1/14/2007
Based on warfare strategy boardgames.
Requirements: linux
1024x768 reslolution, Pentium CPU recommended,
5 MB disk space. 2d graphics.
Challenge a friend or take on the computer player.
Watch two computer opponents smash each other's forces.
Map editor and save game features included.
Recent changes: The game was ported to linux.
Compiled with GNU C version 3.2.3 on
Red Hat Linux 3.2.3-52 kernel 2.4.21-32.0.1.EL
Graphics and audio libraries from SDL under the terms of the LGPL license. SDL libraries used are SDL-1.2.11, SDL_draw-1.2.11, SDL_image-1.2.5, SFont-2.03, and SDL_mixer-1.2.7

Version 6.0 linux. Version 5.0 Windows 98, ME, NT?? Download version 4.2 for XP.

Short description | Readme file | Screen snaps | Maps | Download Board Warfare
Check the end of the Readme file link for the revision history.

What kind of game is Board Warfare?
If you're seeking an arcade style shooting game with interactive combat this is not the game for you.
"Board Warfare" is a strategy game designed to automate the tedious gameplay of traditional board wargames. Board Warfare is turn based or phase based and does not require input from a player while their opponent is moving or attacking.

Planned changes for the next release:
In the works are:
A more defensive mode for comp player. 
Simple supply rules for supply units. 
Simple transport for ground units on supply or truck units, 
mounted units.
Airborn/AirAssault subject to AAA fire.
Units encountering minefields will be routed back in the direction
from which they entered the minefield.  
FA on minefields, removes minefields.
The facility to view full screen the entire map as is available in the
map editor. 
Let me know what you think of Board Warfare... mtcozart@tds.net
I am encouraged to work on the game by email from players.
More email...more work.

Guide to military map symbols Some players may wonder about the odd symbols used to represent various units. This is a guide.

Board Warfare is a totally free game. Charges for distribution of Board Warfare are not authorized.

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