VERONICA         The letter describes a visit that Carol made to the home of Veronica Mazive, the wife of the pastor of the Congregational Church at Morrumbene. It gives an idea of how the Mazives live and work.
        Date: May 14, 1994
        Writer: Carol C. Gilley

START95         The letter tells about the opening week at Zakewu Likumbe Bible School. It reports what some experienced pastors told us about their life and ministry and some experiences which students shared with us and what they learned from them.
        Date: March 5, 1995
        Writer: Lawrence C. Gilley

BEULE         The letter tells about the death of Afonso Beule, a young pastor and recent graduate of the Bible School. His memorial service was led by Lawrence.
        Date: June 16, 1995
        Writer: Lawrence C. Gilley

NHAZONIA         The letter describes a memorial service for the victims of a 1976 massacre of Zimbabwean refugees at Nhazonia in Tete Province.
        Date: August 12, 1995
        Writer: Lawrence C. Gilley

CHRISTMAS         The letter reports the completion of the Bible School course by some students, English class discussion of problems in Mozambique and it tells about the celebration of Christmas.
        Date: November 1995
        Writer: Carol C. Gilley

MORCENE         The letter describes how an elderly blind man, Morcene Pacule, and his wife, Nera, taught their music to students at the Zakewu Likumbe Bible School.
        Date: July 7, 1996
        Writer: Carol C. Gilley

GREETINGS         The letter describes a Chirstmas visit to family in the US and preparations for the beginning of the school year.
        Date: February 19, 1997
        Writer: Carol C. Gilley

PRESS         The letter reviews printing work done over the years by Lawrence. It describes some of the difficulties of establishing a duplicating shop at Balaza and some accomplishments.
        Date: March 1, 1997
        Writer: Lawrence C. Gilley

TONGA         A brief description of the ceremony at which the Bible Society presented the new translation of the New Testament into giTonga.
        Date: April 6, 1997
        Writer: Lawrence C. Gilley

MEETINGS         The letter describes some aspects of the annual meeting of the Inhambane Regional Council at Inharrime in 1996 as well as preparations for the 1997 meeting.
        Date: May 11, 1997
        Writer: Lawrence C. Gilley

SEPT97         The letter includes information on the telephone, meetings, sewing with children, National Geographic magazines, Tomas Sengo, landmines and the visit of grandchildren.
        Date: September 10, 1997
        Writer: Lawrence C. Gilley and Carol C. Gilley

ENDINGS         The letters reports the conclusion of our nine years of work in Mozambique.
        Date: December 12, 1997
        Writer: Lawrence C. Gilley

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