TEACHING RESIDENCY: The Big Hill of Seasons by Hilltop School

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Somersworth, NH March - April 2000 artist in residence: Kim Wintje
A residency for all age groups, with NH State Council on the Arts, Arts in Education visual artist Kim Wintje. This residency involves the school in the creation of an art installation consisting of four fabric appliqued story panels. Prior to the beginning date of the residency, all students with the help of their teachers, wrote a story about how they see their school in each of the seasons. A story was selected for the project. Ms. Wintje began the residency with a slide show of her and other fiber artist work, past student work, and introducing the project to all the students and staff of Hilltop School. Each of the eight classrooms (grades 1-4) illustrated a section of the story on a storyboard. Core group participants of mixed age students made color studies, enlarged the pattern pieces, prepared the fabric, along with cutting and assembling the panels. In their art classes all students enlarged their favorite illustration and ironed them onto T-shirts that were worn on the unveiling day. All classrooms visited Ms. Wintje as she machine appliqued the fabric pieces. The core members shared the process with their classmates. An evening celebration on April 13th, brought the community together to see the student's fabric story and to hear from them about this experience. The story was also on display, June 17th at the Somersworth International Children's Festival.