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series: bad girls detail: heart warrior(cleopatra) WINTJE 2003 metal, paint, wire, wood, 26" H x 8" W x 6" D

My badest moment was putting Ann Frank together with Adolf Hitler in a sculpture titled, "in the garden with Ann and Adolf." That conversation really rocked some folks comfort level and even got censored.

I hope this series makes you laugh, smile, ponder, and not always color between the lines. Thanks to all the "bad girls" who inspire me, were really very good for the world, and to those evil ones giving us contrast to know what good actually is.

The idea for the series, bad girls, came when my friend Jane Kaufmann and I were asked by Franz Nicolay, gallery director of Edwards Gallery, to exhibit our work. Jane came up with the title "Bad Girls" and my series grew out of an exploration of that label. From a personal level, it is a label that have experienced throughout my art career. I believe my job as an artist is to create art that effects people in a way that makes our world a better place. Yet, in reaching for this ideal some have though me to be "bad" because I have made controversial images.

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cleopatra was a powerful Egyptian queen who hung out with Caesar until he was assassinated. Then she loved Mark Antony and was able to use men to get what she wanted until in the end everybody she hung out with was dead so she killed herself with an asp.
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