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President George Washington

Seal of the President of the United States

Father of our Country,
1st President of the United States of America,
and the
11th Cousin-in-law (twice removed) to my 2nd Half-Cousin (7x removed)

(2nd Cousin means he is the great-nephew to one of my great-grandfathers)
(The Half part is because that great-grandfather had remarried after the death of his 1st wife)

    I am not related to George Washington but you can follow a relationship to George Washington via my 1st Half-Cousin (8x removed) John Tyler Sr.
    - He is the Uncle to George Washington's 11th Cousin-in-law (twice removed) Henry Tyler Sr.
    - Henry Tyler Sr. is the great-nephew of my 7x-great-grandfather. How is he directly related to me? He is my 2nd Half-Cousin (7x removed)

    The reason we are not related is because Henry married Alice Strother. So George Washington and I do not share a common ancestor. Although any children of Henry and Alice would share an ancestor from both sides (my 7x-great-grandfather and George Washington's 12x-great-grandfather). But there is no common ancestor between the two sides, because it is a connection by marriage only. That means he (Henry, my 2nd Half-Cousin (7x removed)) is a Cousin-in-law to George Washington.

Ralph de Neville 1st Earl of Westmorland 4th Baron Neville de Raby Earl Marshal, KG, PC (c. 1364 - 21 October 1425)

Edward Neville, Baron Bergavenny (c.1407/14 - 1476)
Brothers George Neville, 1st Baron Latimer (c.1407 - 1469) Sister Cecily Neville, Duchess of York m. Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York
George Neville, 4th and de jure 2nd Baron Bergavenny (1440 - 1492) 1st Cousins Sir Henry Neville (c.1437 - 1469) 1st Cousins Edward IV, King of England
Richard III, King of England
Sir Edward de Neville Soldier, Knight, Baronet, and Lord of Abergavenny (c.1471 - 1538) 2nd Cousins Richard de Neville 2nd Baron Latymer (1468 - 1530) 2nd Cousins Elizabeth of York, eldest daughter of Edward IV.,
Queen consort of England from 1486 until her death
m. Henry VII
Henry Neville, MP of Billingbere Gentleman of the Privy Chamber to King Edward VI (c.1520 - 1593)
(Catherine Neville's Father)
3rd Cousins Dorothy Neville (1496 - 1532) 3rd Cousins Henry VIII of England
Catherine Neville (1570 - 1620)
(Elizabeth Doyley's Mother)
4th Cousins Anne Coynes (Dawney) (1515 - d.) 4th Cousins Mary I, Elizabeth I, and Edward VI.
Elizabeth Vessey (Doyley) (1591 - d.)
(Thomas Vessey's Mother)
5th Cousin Sir John Coynes 5th Cousin Mary, Queen of Scots
Thomas Vessey (Vesey), Sr (c.1497 - 1536)
(Thomas Vessey, II's Father)
6th Cousin Lady Elinor Conyers-Strother (1570 - 1611) 6th Cousin James VI and I
Thomas Vessey, II (c.1536 - 1639)
(Mary Vessey's Father)
7th Cousin William Strother, I (c.1597 - c.1656-67) 7th Cousin Charles I of England
Mary Hannah Vessey (c. 1568 - 1665)
(Thomas Atherold III's Mother)
8th Cousin William Strother, II (c.1627-30 - 1702) Birthplace: Northumberland, England Died: November 4, 1702 in Richmond Co., Virginia, USA
(Father of William Strother III)
8th Cousin (Continued)
Elizabeth II, Queen of England
To my connection to the current
Queen of England
Thomas Atherold, III (1590 - 1658)
(Hannah Ball's Father)
9th Cousin William B. Strother, III High Sheriff of King George County, VA (1674 - 1726)
(Father of William Strother IV)
Henry Tyler II (Jr.) (1664-1729)
(Father of Francis and John Tyler)
m. Elizabeth Chiles (1665-1702)
Elizabeth Chiles is my Half-Aunt (9x removed)

Paternal half-sister (Same father) to Henry Chiles, My 7x-great-grandfather.

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Capt. Henry Chiles (1669-1719)
Paternal half-brother (Same father) to Elizabeth Chiles
My 7x-great-grandfather
Hannah Ball (c. 1615 - 1695)
(Joseph Ball's Mother)
10th Cousin William Strother, IV Esq., Capt. (1696 - 1732) (Father of Alice Strother) Francis Tyler (Sr.) (1687-d.)
(Brother of John Chiles Tyler Sr. and nephew of my 7x-great-grandfather / son of my Half-Aunt (9x removed))
1st Half-Cousins Henry Chiles (1698-1746)
My 6x-great-grandfather
Capt. Joseph Ball of Epping Forest (1649-1711) (Mary's Father) 11th Cousins Alice Strother (c.1719 - 1792)
m. Henry Tyler Sr.
Henry is the great-nephew of my 7x-great-grandfather and 11th Cousin-in-law (twice removed) to George Washington
Henry Tyler Sr. (1710-1777)
great-nephew of my 7x-great-grandfather or can also be called the grandson of my 8x-great-aunt
m. Alice Strother
2nd Half-Cousins Paul Chiles (1718-1767)
My 5x-great-grandfather

Mary Washington (c. 1708-1789) (George Washington's Mother)
11th Cousin-in-law (once removed) - - (Henry Tyler Sr.)
(Continued from above for illustrate purpose only)
2nd Half-Cousins
Once removed
Henry Chiles (~1740-~1816)
My 4x-great-grandfather

U.S. President
George Washington
11th Cousin-in-law (twice removed) - - (Henry Tyler Sr.)
(Continued from above to illustrate his connection to George Washington)

(Henry is the
11th Cousin-in-law (twice removed)
to George Washington and my
2nd Half Cousins (7x removed),
which means he (Henry) is the great-nephew of my 7x-great-grandfather. )
2nd Half-Cousins
2x removed
Frances Chiles (1771-1831)
My 3x-great-grandfather
2nd Half-Cousins
3x removed
George W. Barker (1798-1876)
My 2x-great-grandfather
2nd Half-Cousins
4x removed
Lacy Johnson Barbe (1831-1919)
My great-grandfather
2nd Half-Cousins
5x removed
Willie Calvin Barbe (1881-1947)
My grandfather
2nd Half-Cousins
6x removed
Robert F. Barbe (1929-)
My father
2nd Half-Cousins
7x removed
Me - James Barbe (1966-)
According to these calculations, I am related to George Washington via my relationship to President John Tyler. The 1st and 10th Presidents are 13th Cousin-in-laws via John Tyler, II who is the 1st cousin to Henry Tyler Sr who married the 11th cousin (twice removed) to George Washington.

Another way of saying this, is that I am related my marriage to George Washington's 11th cousin (twice removed) via my 1st Cousin's (8 times removed) nephew. Therefore, I am indirectly related to George Washington by marriage via my 2nd Cousin's (7 times removed) 1st Cousin. A cousin of a cousin, simple.

Also, George Washington is related to Edward IV and Richard III of England by his 12th-great-grandfather (who was the Grandfather to Edward IV and Richard III). So it goes to reason, that I am also related to those Kings as well, via marriage because Edward IV's 1st cousin (10x removed) married the nephew of my 1st cousin (8x removed).

Additionally, all English monarchs, beginning with Henry VIII, are descendants of Cecily Neville (the daughter of Ralph de Neville 1st Earl of Westmorland - Who is the 10x-great-grandfather of the wife of my 1st Cousin's (8 times removed) nephew). So I am related to the current Monarch of England, Queen Elizabeth, by marriage. So, you know what that means.


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