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Winter 2013

The Headlines du jour...

Holy crap (again)'s been months since I updated this!

Well, work has been busy, fraternal orgs have been busy and the kids keep me hopping.  The kids...Josette, turned five in December. Avery will be three in April

I am growing deeply disturbed at the state of the world lately. As if we weren't riding the razor's edge of disaster lately with a fragile world economy, global warming and all that stuff.... people are getting to be quite uncivil. Look at the discussion under any news story online and you see people practically yelling at each other in the comments. The anonymous nature of it all seeming to toss any possible courtesy to the wind. On top of that, less logic is used and more people willing to mindlessly respout whatever talking head's opinion they listened to on the way to work. I don't have a simple solution to offer, but it is spooky.

The Usual...

On the computer lately: Steam had some good sales, I play Borderlands 2 and some others lately. Karen is still hooked on games like Bookworm and Mahjong.

Great story of this month: I can't pick...go to any news page, there's always one good one and three that make you say "WTF?"

On the Wii: Hasn't been used lately with the little one around.

Latest tunes: A variety of stuff as usual. Mostly Smooth Jazz and a bunch of 80s hard rock during my workouts

Latest books: Where There's a Will: Thoughts on the Good Life by John Mortimer


Alternate Realities...

Barely in Second Life lately, but you can still visit  the SL Masonic Info Center in Stanlee.

The Recent (and not so recent) past events of note in the past (10 years)...

Been busy with the fraternal organizations.

Karen is working at JoAnn's and has been accepted to NHTI's Nursing program (career change)

Went to Paris again in February 08 for work, took Karen this time. She enjoyed herself. Here's Karen in Paris.

September 05 we went on vacation to Arizona was real nice, pictures here. We went to Colorado Springs to visit family for a weekend then over to Phoenix, where we drove to Sedona for a few days. We stayed at a nice B&B, saw the local sites including a jeep tour in the back country. It's really a beautiful area. Then we drove up through Oak Creek Canyon as we headed north. We went through Flagstaff with stops at Walnut Canyon and Lowell Observatory . We ended that day just outside the Grand Canyon park in Tusayan. Thursday morning we headed into the park and met up with our hiking guide at Bright Angel Lodge 8am sharp! We got our equipment loaded up and headed down the South Kaibab trail. Uggh... 7.5 miles of downhill backpacking! We stayed at Bright Angel Campground near the river that night (very nice). Then back up towards the south rim on the Bright Angel trail . We did 4.5 miles to Indian Gardens campground, dumped the packs setup tents and did a hike to Plateau Point for dinner (1.5 miles each way), great views, nice sunset and awesome full moon rise! Our last day finished up the trail around 1pm as we passed all the "hiking tourists" near the rim (they venture down a mile or so...98% of the visitor's to the Canyon never actually enter the canyon itself, how sad!)

Pictures of the trips to Europe  2004 - present (Vienna, Paris, Strasbourg, Baden Baden, Geneva, Windsor and London). Next up...Italy?

Still happy with the house in Sutton, NH we bought in 2003. It's about 1500 square feet and it's a log home! Sits on three wooded acres (OK, a little smaller than we originally planned but hey..).

Maybe I can get back to the downstairs project some day, (I keep saying that here).

My sideline company (M2 Services) is a bit "silent" lately, with the exception of an occasional key dupe or lock replacement at work. Here are the van Pix. I'm following my own advice and growing it bit by bit so that some day it'll all be in place.

Check out our weather or punch in your ZIP for your own... While you're at it check out some Links!

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