Nature and Design

Millions of years of evolution has shaped countless biological forms. This maximized their environmental performance for sheer survival. These tried and proven forms have been shaped by environmental pressures of wind, water, and other forces. These examples of dynamic optimal design can be used by modern designers in search of high performance tools and devices.

When we observe any living organism, we are witnessing the life of an "Olympic champion." Everything we see that exists in nature is at the top of it's class in evolution and survival. We see a world of "survival of the fittest," and only the ultimately fit survive in this highly competitive world. Because of this environment of "maximum testing of shape and material," the results are awesome in terms of efficiency of material and shape. Nature shows us the formula for how size, weight, and material choice results in ultimate performance and durability of design.

This exhibit is a continuing research project to seek out and identify those products that feature one or more of the following:

1. Light Weight.
2. Simplified form or structure.
3. Multiple use features.
4. Long life.
5. Energy efficient.
6. Superior function.
7. Adaptability.
8. Ability to “evolve.”
9. Beauty of form and function.
10. “Timeless” design.

Harry J. Wirth
Professor of Art and Design
The American Design Network
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